9 weeks today

9 weeks today

Last week was the hardest of all.But got through.I Haven't felt well either with a free cold someone gave me.Thank you.

I had my pre op assessment this week and I will be operated on in the early part of January op number two.I will be out of action for 6 weeks.Its a five hours op and a week in hospital.Not looking forward to it but its got to be done or I will lose my leg anyway.So an op' with a chance of saving my leg is better than an op' to have it removed.Phew.Its all go.I had a word with the sister on the ward about using my e cig and she says its OK if i do it discreetly.I can do discreet ha ha.

I keep reading the posts and it encourages me to keep going,so thank you everyone.I'm not to good at replying. Anyway that's all and thank you again.

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  • Hi surrendertowin, Sorry about your cold think you have enough without that. You have done well keeping of the ciggys with all your stresses. Hope your op goes well and please keep us up to date. Happy christmas. xx :) :)

    p.s. love the picture, where abouts is it.

  • Hi ya, Suretowin - Ray :)

    9 weeks quit now then !! that is just something else pal, it really is :) with the troubles you've had and are going through at the moment, plus a free cold toooo that is ACE, pal :) :)

    You stay strong and focused now eh :) We are all with you Ray, and I hope your op goes ok and you can walk those lovely fells again :) :) that is of course, smokefree !!

    Hey Ray, like Jillygirl has asked, where is that picture of ?? it looks so beautiful and peaceful :)

    I wish you a big lovely Christmas pal :) :) take care now, Pete :)

  • Hi and thanks for the reply both of you.The picture was taken on whin rigg.wast water is below. Behind me is Eskdale where i walked from.about 3 miles away It was scary up there as the wind was blowing quite hard. Thanks again and happy Christmas Jilly and Pete and all who are "Slaying the Dragon

  • Well done on getting to 9 weeks quite an achievement.The picture is stunning.Hope the cold gets better soon and Good luck with the surgery(I'm having back surgery in early January) Keep us informed of progress.

  • Thank you yellowsnowdrop and I hope all goes well with your op' too

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