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Daily Chat: Friday 4th October 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 4th October 2013

Good morning everyone.

Day 4 of Stoptober and the end of the week already.

Take care if you're going out tonight or over the weekend, try not to have too much alcohol or you may just undo all the good you've done this week.

Any problems, just come on here and shout - there's usually someone about. Have a good smoke-free day. :)

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Hi Andi, Sorryeeeeeeeeeeeeee! put daily chat on same time but cant delete it or dont think i can. :O


Okay, just found the delete button. :) Too early in a morning. :D :D


Hey Jillygirl, have you lost your specs gal ?? cos I think I've just found them :P :D :D :D



Christmas? Oh my god, your making want to smoke! ;-)

that was a reply to the post that just got deleted! ...

My 8 yr old told me she was proud of me last night. What an incentive. Going to find things to do today, I'm writing a list (rather than Xmas cards!) I'll see how far I get through it. Got offered a different job this week, same company but less hours, more than twice the salary. I hope it comes off, it was my first day off the fags, this is my new life I'm hoping. you lot are great, I appreciate the replies loads, makes is not quite such a lonely place.

Two nights in a row I've had mental dreams about loosing things, waking at five and not being able to get back to sleep. Interesting though, I've been trying to loose the fags for years, I wonder if its my subconscious looking for something. The mind has a mind of its own!!!

Onwards and upwards

Thanks again,

P x


Good morning Jilly - didn't see yours, sorry.

Blimey, it's just got so dark here I can hardly see the keys on my keyboard. :o I wish they'd get the weather forecast right or just not bother - all that storm and rain and wind yesterday didn't materialise. It rained a bit, was breezy and then the sun came out! It's supposed to be sunny today - eh? :o Isn't it amazing how warm it's staying too.

See you later. :)


I am gonna move down to you andi, flippin cold up here. :(


Am coming with ya Jillygirl, cos its cold here tooooo :o


I've got friends who live in Bath, they were woken up by horrific thunder and lightening last night, but yes mild and damp up here in the North. Weird.


Hello Everyone,

we had quite a bit of rain last night, yesterday afternoon it absolutely teamed down too and today is a tad grey. However, I know that based on past weather history it could go either way and we may end up with a bright afternoon, watch this space! Saying that, I did dream last night that it was snowing! :-/

Lots to catch up on here, great support and advice being given out by everyone. I think you are all fab :D

JillyGirl, I have to agree with you - lets move down South as Andi always seems to have the nicer weather :-)

Puppieseatchairs, whacky dreams are all part of the healing process. Great to hear that your daughter is encouraging you and recognises the effort you are putting in to stay quit, even at just 8 years old bless :-)

Friezfriend, sounds like you have the same weather as us here in Liverpool.At least you don't have to try and light up any cigarettes now in the cold, wet and wind eh?! ;-)

My, my, where has the morning gone?!

Stay strong everyone and put those pennies saved to good use :-)


Hi Emjay.

Is there something you're not telling us? Did you fall off the perch recently and quit again? I only ask cos you keep having weird dreams. :o (Whoops! I'd better scoot off and hide. :P ) :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D Still a non-smoker Andi. Can you imagine if I did though?! :-/ At least I'd know where to get some sound help! :-) :D


Aup Andi, Its either that or she's got a bun in the oven :o :D :D :D hmmmm Andi !! I'm scooting off with you to hide gal, oyyyyy hang on a minute, cos my scooters not like it used to be you know :o :D :D


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