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Daily Chat: Friday 5th December 2013

Happy Friday Everybody!

Shall pop a photie up in a mo from my phone...

Windy weather,

Frosty weather,

When the wind bows,

We all blow together!!

It really is blustery out there, what a brilliant opportunity to make the decision not to light up eh?! Lighters and matches wouldn't stand a chance :-/

Remember to stay positive everyone. Any cravings that you do get really are a good sign that your body is recovering from having all those poisonous toxins being fed at regular intervals over the years.

Remember that you can do this, nobody said it would be easy but everyone says that it is worth it!

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Happy Friday Emjay and all :)

In case you didn't see it yesterday Emjay, it's me, Sue, with a different name, got a new phone, couldn't get on here, don't know why, so I had to join again :)

I hope your windy weather has gone, it's not windy here but very cold brrrrr

Stay strong everyone, you can all do this one day at a time, I hope you all have a craving free smoke free day :) xx


Hello Emjay and Sue, hope your both ok. Just been finishing xmas brother comes up on Sunday. Then hubby decided to build some drawers we got from Ikea the other night. No prob except he had left his hammer at the other flat. My poor rolling pin now looks like it has woodworm.

Sue I love the new name, cant wait to see what Pete thinks about it. :)


Hi Jillygirl,

That's a new rolling pin hubby is due you then :D at least the drawers are made up, I've got half finished stuff all over the house that my hubby hasn't finished yet :D :D

Thanks Jillygirl, I thought the new name describes me perfectly :D :D which is what I will be come Sunday night as we have Nairn all weekend :D :) xx


Hello Jillygirl and Loopygran :D haha I love that name, where is everybody, so, so quiet everywhere. No one on here, no one on facebook, maybe they're all psyching themselves up for a last round of frenetic Christmas shopping tomorrow. I've been today, I actually got a couple of pressies - yay, yay de yay. I almost did a dance in M & S when I found a present for my sister, I was so happy to have finally found something.


Hello Sinfree, very quiet on here. Must be Pete, Friezefriend and Andi who are the noisy ones. :D :D

I did the same as you managed to get my brother a pressie in BHS. usually takes me ages to find something suitable. :)


:P :P :D :D


:D :D


Aup Emjay :) what you doing up at this time of the day then :o

Am just writing the Daily chat for erm, today I think :o :D :D

I hope you dont mind, cos am working :o today :(


Hi Sinfree and jillygirl,

It's a trio, I managed to get Xmas pressies as well, not finished yet though, got Nairn's to get next week. I have him all weekend, the little devil had my phone , I turned away for 2 seconds and it was gone, it took me ages to find it, heaven help me when he's older :D :D :D


Yes but you still will love him just as much. Bet you cant wait for Xmas with him.


So true Jillygirl, Xmas can't come quick enough :)


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