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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

As many of you know already, November is the month that we use to raise awareness of lung cancer.

The campaign aims to encourage people displaying the symptoms of lung cancer to visit their GP.

Early detection of lung cancer makes it more treatable, so encouraging people to recognise symptoms such as a persistent cough and see their doctor sooner could save lives.

Common signs and symptoms

What to look for?

There are lots of reasons why you might have some of the symptoms below. It may be nothing serious but it's worth getting yourself checked out. If you have any of the following symptoms for more than three weeks, make an appointment with your GP today.

A cough that doesn’t go away

A long standing cough gets worse

Unexplained breathlessness

Chest infections

Coughing blood

Unexplained weight loss

Chest and/or shoulder pains

Unexplained tiredness or lack of energy

Hoarse voice

Getting checked out

Don't delay visiting your GP. It is most likely that this will be nothing serious and will put your mind at rest. If it is lung cancer, early diagnosis and treatment could save your life.

Here's what will happen:

1. Your GP will examine you. Make a list of your symptoms so you don't forget anything.

2. Your GP should arrange for you to have a chest x-ray.

3. Your GP will talk through the results with you.

4. If you need more tests, your GP should make an appointment for you to see a chest specialist.

5. If you are diagnosed wtih lung cancer you will be referred onto a lung cancer team for treatment and care.

For further help and support please visit our Lung Cancer community;


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