Daily Chat: Monday25th November 2013

Daily Chat: Monday25th November 2013

Good Morning Everyone :-)

The start of a new week all over again. A very bright and crispy morning here, having had to scrape the frost off the car before leaving this morning - Winter may be on the way already here in the UK -I reckon we should all be investing in Sin's wo-man wooly jumpers :D :-)

Lots to catch up on as usual, nice to see some familiar faces back again too :-)

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  • Good Morning EmJay & Everyone

    Great list:


    I will also continue to deal with all health issues as and when they come up !!!

    Have a GREAT day you ALL.

    Best wishes



  • Morning Jonathan,

    Keep up the momentum, you're doing great :-)

    I hope you have a stress-free day today and don't have too many challenges along the way. As long as you learn from those that you do have and see them as a positive challenge, then you'll be grand :-)

  • Thanks EmJay and great advice as always.


  • I haven't been around on the site for many months but just an update to let you all know that I'm still a happy non smoker. This site really helped me and in February I will reach the 2 year mark. Being smoke free is still a very positive feeling for me. I have become an annoying non smoker though, as now I hate the smell of fags and especially the lingering whiff left on clothes by others. I'm far from perfect as still over weight and still drink most nights but having the freedom from not having to buy cigarettes and not missing them still amazes me. To all of you still trying to get free, keep trying, as when you no longer crave a cigarette, no longer want one and no longer need to part with your cash to buy a pack, you some how have a new found confidence. You will actually feel more relaxed in social situations as you won't been preoccupied with the thought of having a smoke and nipping outside in the cold.

  • Hi Wonder, how lovely to hear from you :-)

    It's brilliant that you are almost at your 2 year anniversary, time certainly flies. It sounds as though you have gained the control in your life that those little white sticks took away. Well done to you :-)

    I'll look forward to updating our Wall of Winners and having you down as a 2 year winner :D :D

  • Hello Emjay and everyone, Lovely to be back on site again. I would have been back earlier but BT made a mess of connections. I moved into the flat on Thursday phone line connected all fine. Half an hour later phone line dead as a doornail. Apprarently a fault at the exchange. I see its been busy as usual the last few days. BIG well done to our new faces Lawn ranger, and Katycan both on their first week. Its so nice to see new members. :)

    Well must catch up with whats happening so time to put the kettle on . Tea or coffee anyone. :)

  • P.S. Hows your head cold Emjay. hope its on its way out. :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, a flippin massive welcome back gal :) :)



  • Thanks pete missed you too. How are you doing. : )

  • Am ok gal, thank you for asking :)

    How are you and hubby getting on with your new flat :o well, apart from BT making a hash of it !!

    I took a tv, phone, internet, etc bundle with them, ha ha the flippin next thing the phone was cut off !!

  • We have settled fine thanks. Still finishing decor at the other flat.

  • Hi everyone.

    Just had a busy few days and now in last minute panic mode so hardly been on. I've felt like throwing the computers out of the window. Can't seem to find my way round Windows 8 properly yet and my friend talked me into buying a tablet to take away with me. Now, we all know how much of a techno-phobe I've become so ..... AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! Phew, that feels better. ;-) :D :D Every time I want to go anywhere on it it wants me to make new accounts here there and everywhere. I suppose I'll get there in the end. Anyway, I might pop on if I have time, from time to time and if I've got wifi. :)

    Jilly, congratulations on your move again, I'm so glad that you'll be settled forever ( :o ) now. :)

    Hope Pete had a good day at work. :)

    Sin, I didn't get out on my bike the last week as it's been too cold for me to think about wrapping up and braving the wind and cold - brrrr! :o

    Jonathan - NOPE! ;-)

    Emjay - wavey Hi! :)

    Everyone else, stick at it - you know it'll be worth it in the end, and you'll be so proud of yourself. :)

    In one month it'll be Christmas Day. See you again soon. :)

  • Aup Andi :) :) yes I know what you mean about Windows 8 gal :o talk about scratching my head sometimes eh :o

    When do you actually go on your hols Andi ?? and how long for ??

  • Hi andi, I didnt like windows8. I went back to windows 7. Much easier. :)

  • In one month it'll be Christmas Day, you really know how to cheer up a girl don't you :) I have only got two teeny little presents up to now. Chicken! bet its been warmer there than it has here, mind you it hasn't been windy just very cold like about 4 degrees during the day. Very chilly around the ears. Have a lovely holiday and erm, well Merry Christmas.

  • I'm off in the morning - 8.30 coach and come back on the 30th December Pete. :)

  • :( :(

  • Going to wish you all night night , sweet dreams. See you tomorrow. Luvs ya! Xx xx xx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, please please take it easy for a bit now eh, and get your batteries charged up, and get a good nights sleep, and that means NO flippin hanky panky ok :o :) Sweet dreams to

    you tooo Jillygirl, Luvs ya too :) xxxxx

  • Jillygirl, does that mean you are putting the decor in your new flat on a back burner for now then ? ? Cos if it does, good on ya gal, cos you and hubby need some rest time eh :) :)

    The decor can wait eh :) You and hubby flippin ENJOY your new place gal, and get them feet up :) :)

  • I've got to go now too, nite nite Jilly, Pete (sorry) and everyone. Sweet dreams. :) xxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, sweet dreams to you toooo :) :)

    I hope you have a wonderful, splendific, supertrekin, fabaleeso, flippin great holliday you flippin Woman you :D :D Hey, dont forget to come back to us eh :o :) I aint half going to miss ya gal :( :(

    :) xxxxx

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