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Fed up today :(

It's three months tomorrow, thats great, however didn't get the permanent job at work, I did an absolutely rubbish interview, my fault. The newcomer can start really quickly so looks as though I won't be gainfully employed till Christmas. Sister has fallen out with me and my mouth is completely swollen from a tooth infection,yet more antibiotics. So instead of being all upbeat about reaching the three month zone I'm feeling really blue. Sorry just needed a whinge. Worse things happen I know so just ignore me Im being a misery guts today. Well done all you newbies, can't believe I'm saying that! And welcome. :)

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Sorry to hear that Friez. Sounds like you having a tough time. Maybe something better is on the horizon, keep your chin up, all things pass and there will be better days ahead. Three months is a fantastic achievement, celebrate tomorrow.


Thanks eye, hopefully onwards and upwards, sometimes the upwards and onwards is a bit like fighting through jelly. Sure things will improve, usually do don't they.


Aup Friez :)

Oyyyyy, whats up with ya gal :o your very very nearly 3 whole Months quit :) :) that alone is a massive achievement :) :) We all know how hard it is !! so you flippin hold your head up ''HIGH'' cos you have got through the worst of it now.

As for the job, you will get another try at it eh :)

I dont know why your Sister has fell out with you, but just give her time eh :)

So your mouth is swollen, soooooo, you can SHOUT LOUDER, cant ya :D :D

Friez, if you want to flippin whinge, then you flippin whinge :) cos we all do from time to time :o :D :D

You think about enjoying your smoke free life ahead :) and getting your body back :) your health back :) and your mind, as not having to think where is my next ciggie coming from !! and Mr nic, telling you that you need a fix !!

To be free from the ciggies, is so so lovely :) :) erm, how do I explain it :o to be independent again !! like when you leave your Mam & Dad and get a place of your own, if you see what I mean :o :) Like I said, am not very good at explaining myself !!

You take care now Friez, Pete :)


Thanks for your support Pete, you are a star.



Well done reaching 3 months difficult isn't it. I AM NOW 10 WEEKS

Never thought I would get this far.

Sorry about the job interview but I believe you are meant for better things


I don't think you are whinging I get very depressed still but reading your chat helps a lot

Please don't be fooled by name I am a woman

Things will get better

Take care of yourself



Thanks, sometimes its good to be able to offload. 10 weeks teddy, you are hard on my heels congratulations. :)


Frieze bit late here but SO sorry to hear about the job.Please believe that there's just something else planned for you and when the time is right it'll happen.We can be unemployed together (ABSOLUTELY no help I'm sure but I know what it's like, honestly)Try to stay positive and know that there's a lot of people rooting for you.Take Care H x


Cheers hun, thanks for that when they finish me we can moan during the day together. :)


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