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Nicotine got me today!

Day 6 for me on champix. I was feeling so proud for going the longest time ever without a single cigarette in 30 years. Until this morning... I charged up an e cig out of curiosity (who am I kidding.. Out of craving) and took a fair few lovely hits.

Now I feel I've just undone all my good hard work. This is going to be a tough ride.. But I really want to make it.

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Hi ya Suzana, its lovely to see you :) and a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) :) and a great big well done to you for reaching day 6 on your quit journey :) :)

As for you having a few vapes on your e-cig, dont put yourself down :o cos as you get through the course of champix, you will be able to knock that on the head too :) sooo, you be PROUD of yourself Suzana :) :)

I'm just wandering Susana, did you start your course of champix 6 days ago :o cos what normally happens is - you start taking it and set your quit date, normally between 10 and 14 days after you start taking it :) by this time the champix is well into your system and working for you :)

Could you please let me know your actual quit date, then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and keep your Winners badge upto date :)

If you have a look to the right of this post, you will see Pinned Posts & Topics, just have a nosey through some of them, you may find something to help you :)

Good luck :)

Pete :)


Hi Pete,

Thankyou! I started taking champix 4 days before my quit date. My quit day was Sunday 13th March. Maybe I'll change it to 23rd? Is that cheating? 😊

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Yes, do change it if you feel the need and it is definitely NOT cheating. I hope that you're you getting help and advice from a professional? Check with him/her for reassurance.

I'm on Champix and was told to pick a quit date 2 weeks from starting the pills, but if not ready to change it and not worry. I found the following info, which may reassure you?

"Set a quit date one-to-two weeks into your treatment. Continue smoking as normal in the first week of treatment because it takes about one week or so for Champix to start working properly. Try not to delay quitting past five weeks into treatment.

Not smoking at all after your quit date gives you the best chance of stopping for good. If you slip up and have a cigarette after your quit date, you may still succeed at quitting if you keep taking your course of Champix and recommit to stopping smoking."

Good luck x


Hi Suzana , don't be hard on yourself, you didn't lite a real cig up. You are doing fab, and in the hardest week too. Be proud of yourself. Well done you. :) We are all here for you so tune in for support when you need it. A great bunch of people here to support you and we all know what you are going through x


Thank you! I appreciate your comments 😊x

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Hi Suzana and welcome to quit support😊

Well done on making the best decision for your health and be proud👍🏼

You're doing great😊

Good luck🍀 and NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭🚭


Hey Suzana😊

I don't think you failed in any way . A lot of people on this site use NRT. It's okay. It sure beats smoking all those 4000+ chemicals . Your doing awesome... Don't be hard on yourself👍🏻


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Hi Suzana

Well done on your quit.

I wouldn't worry about using the ecig, you are only using a small amount of nicotine and it's much easier to stop that as time goes on.

I'm using a patch, I have gone down to lower dosage and I'm using the ecig.

I stopped using the patch for a couple of days and found I was puffing on the ecig more. So I found a balance. Smaller dose on patch and minimal nicotine in the ecig. I mix 0% with 6%.

It's not cheating and if it works it's got to be so much better than inhaling all that crap in those disgusting sticks.

As time goes on I will get rid of the nicotine. That will be a doddle because you can control it.

Whatever it takes to beat this ugly monster has got to be good.

You have come so far, 6 days is brilliant. The first few weeks are the worst. Get through them and you will be flying solo.

Teric 😀


Thanks Teric! 👍

This will be the hardest thing I've ever done probably and fear of failure is still a bit of an issue. But the positivity from everyone on here is actually helping more than anything 😀


IT happens don't beat yourself up jump back on that boat.NOW you found another trigger. USE it to STOP


I stopped on my 8th day of taking champix,just didn't want one and carried on without ,you keep going ,you will get there 😊😊


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