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Are posts going missing?

Just saw one a few minutes ago from someone who had quit for 11 days and was really struggling, replied to it and now it has gone. Errk?????? 11 weeks tomorrow, nearly at the magical 3 month marker thanks to you lot, your support and advice, still don't quite believe it! About what time do yo start feeling like a non smoker rather than a smoker who isn't smoking??? Some of you veterans will probably know this? Off for a G and T now, soon slipped back in to work habits, just the one when I come home before I eat. And then zzzzzzzzz the shock of working again has thrown me somewhat but enjoying it for however long it lasts! Night all. :) As Johnathon says NOPE :)

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Hi Friezfriend, glad to hear you're doing OK. You must be doing OK cos its quite stressful starting a new job, so as you're still stopped then you must be more than half way there. As for feeling like a non smoker? I don't know. Personally I still feel like a smoker who isn't smoking, even though once Christmas is out of the way it will be 12 months for me. Christmas - eeeek, that is my most stressful time out of the whole year. I don't like it. I hate the shopping, I hate the trying to second guess what a person might actually want as a gift, so usually I get very stressy and smoke lots :o In the past when I have stopped smoking, December is when I start again. I'm hoping, in fact I know, that won't happen this year so maybe that is crunch time for me, maybe then I can say yes I'm a non smoker.


Hi Friez, no, they're not going missing, that was a question you replied to and it's still there. I know, this site can be a bit confusing sometimes - it use to be a lot clearer (before your time). :o :)

I'm 18 months quit now so I would consider myself a non-smoker now - actually, an ex-smoker - not sure if there's too much of a difference. I still don't think I would take it up again. :)

It's great that you're doing so well and enjoying being a non-smoker - it's a great feeling of freedom isn't it? :)


Hi there Frieze, Glad all is well and the job is going fine. G&T sounds like a good idea might just have one later (its about 9 a.m so a bit too early yet !!) I think maybe once a smoker always a smoker but just a smoker who chooses not to smoke.

I know people who've been quit for years and still get the odd craving (my brother has been smoke free for 10 years and still gets the odd craving) 11 weeks is amazing, I can remember when you were just a couple of weeks in and being just a tad envious that you'd got to 2 weeks and I was just starting. Just be VERY PROUD of how far you've come. Hugs to you my friend because you're amazing. H x


Aren't we all doing well? Whoopie Doo! I think there is definite progress being made as there are quite a few smokers in the office and whilst I still love the smell of it outside they don't half pen and ink when they come back in. That used to be me, all of us I guess. :) Hi Yellow, if you start on the G and T at 9.00 am you might start looking on other parts of this site!!!! (kidding). thanks Andi, yes i got muddled. Sin sod Christmas, how about doing Sale vouchers so that people can buy their own prezzies at third of the cost after Christmas in the sales? I've done that sometimes with my daughter got a few unwrappies for the tree and then we've made a day of it in January going shopping, pictures and a meal, much nicer than Christmas really! I've given up guessing any more, gone down a generation to just the children as there are far too many people now once people strt coupling up etc, adults get a bottle of wine per couple for Christmas day saves a load of grief, of course it depends on your family make up and structure. I'm pretty sure you won't give in this yer though, you've gone through too much pain to get to where you are! :)


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