Hi all,

Hope every one has been enjoying the quitting experience.

Just the feeling of being a non smoker makes me too excited. Now I have started loving my life back.. No more smokes and no more nicotines..

It's been almost 80 days now ... Heading towards 3 months.

Just so excited and impatiently waiting for my new batch of 3 months ..just 2 more weeks to go!!

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  • 80 Days is just an awesome achievement :) :)

  • Thanx so much gloin

  • Well done you! It gets easier - especially when you can feel the benefits, not just how you look and feel but how healthy you bank account is too.....!

  • That's so true if u

  • Great News!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your excitement!

  • How did you quit?

  • Just have to fight for first 7 days... If u manage first week.., things shall started getting easier for u... One thing is sure ... U have to trust yourself and have to be determined... Quitting smoking is the best gift u can give to yourself as it enhances both the length n quality of ur life... Trust me .. It's worth it...

  • I agree! You are ahead of me in our journey! It does feel amazing! Should've done this so long ago!


  • Hi ya Feelingfresh, almost 80 days now then :) :) flippin suuuuuuper job :) :)

    I assure you that your 3 months Winners badge will be ready, shinned up and waiting for you :) :)

  • Well done feeling fresh, terrific news and thanks for sharing😊x

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