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Hi to everyone, Just been catching up on all the posts, haven't had chance for a while, last week we were dog sitting our Daughters ' Cocker Spaniel ' Harry, then Monday took him home and stayed a few days.

Have been soooo busy for days DeHairing everywhere !! and moping floors, with all the rain we had dog and hubby kept getting soaked !! :-(

At least i haven't had to go outside struggling to have a ciggy in the wind and rain ( no 80 mile an hour winds here YET ) it's great to be free of cigarettes :-)

I too have been doing the breathing exercises, and they do work, they also work for me when i go to bed, i find doing them then helps me to rid my mind of all the stupid things i start to think about before falling asleep !!!

Oh well think i will get on my exercise bike for a while, get rid of the 1/2lb weight i put on this week !!!

Hope everyone has a great day. :-)

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Hi Mrssunnyside, Glad your back and still a non smoker. well done. Like you say the things we did for a ciggy, rain snow hail you name it, if we didnt die of cancer we would have suffered with pneumonia. Now we can be all cosy and warm without worrying. Yipee! Enjoy your exercising. :)


Hi ya Sunny :)

As Jillygirl has said, its lovely to see you again, and still smoke free :) a massive well done to ya heading your way :)

It sounds like you've bin busy :o hey, Sunny, you keep busy cos it helps get rid of them pesky cravings :) and I am so glad your using them breathing exercises, cos they do help :)

Exercising, isnt just good for keeping your weight down, cos it helps me when I get a big craving, I get on my rowing machine and give it hell :o that gets rid of em I tell ya :)

Stay strong and keep positive. Pete :)


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