Things kind of looking up

Things kind of looking up

So I changed chemist and my levels have been a steady low of 1 or 2. Thankfully someone is taking me seriously.

I have managed to step down the strength of my patches too. But to be honest I often forget to put one on so I'm pretty much nicotine free anyway.

I still get frequent flashes of quiet fancying a smoke but I've not come this far to give in now!

Love to you all xx

I hope you don't mind a little bit of cat shaming! See what I have to deal with?

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  • So pleased for you. Now your getting the correct readings. Good for you . :)

  • Seems like changing chemist was the key :)

    I love shamed cats, and that is awesome! x

  • I love shamed cats as well poor Mia,my cat Ben Arfa would also do that,just knew that machine at Boots was wrong.You must be really proud of yourself and that's good coz you sure ought to be.What are you gonna spend all that spare cash on? Have you heard anything about your referral/ appointment? WELL DONE Ellie an awesome quit.Hugs to you and Mia.H x

  • I should hear what's happening with my referral when I go to an appointment in March.

  • Aup Ellie, thats great news gal :) erm, I mean you changing chemists and getting a steady Co reading :) not the flippin cat spewing up and eating it :o :P :D :D

    Ha ha ha, that takes my back a bit gal :o to when we used to have a dog called chips !! he was a welsh collie, he used to gulp his food down, spew it up and eat it again, mind you, I think he only had 1 brain cell like me :o :D :D

    You sound very in control of your quit :) you just stay that way eh, cos your doing really well :)

    Luvs ta you too gal xx

  • Having 1 brain cell is allowed. If I ever catch you eating regurgitated food however.....

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