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Daily chat: Sunday 31st March 2013

Daily chat: Sunday 31st March 2013

Good morning everyone and HAPPY EASTER. :)

It's a beautiful, sunny, frosty morning in the south - let's hope it stays that way. 8-)

The last day of the month, a quarter of the year gone so some of you New Year quitters now have 3 whole months under your belt. Yes. you can start counting in months now - no longer days, but maybe weeks.

Enjoy your Easter and get chatting. :)

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Good morning Andi and happy Easter to you too

It's a beautiful but cold here in the north but not sunny as unfortunately we have clouds but there's time yet for the sun to appear!

Intend to iron what I got dry outside (yep in the open air) yesterday and get that lot put away so it's not hanging about and smirking at me every time I see it! Always hated ironing - loved washing but ironing, nah not one of my most favourite occupations.

Hey up, sun coming out - brill - get the cars washed - no rest but at least doing that means I don't want or should that be can't have (definitely second alternative is true) a ciggie.

Have a great day everyone and whatever you're doing - enjoy!!

Probably speak later.

Take care



Good morning Andi and everyone, Happy Easter to you all, hope you all get plenty Easter eggs :)

It's cold here but at least there is some blue sky peeking through the clouds, not doing much today, still under orders to sit all day, it's so boring, at least i can watch the Lion King later :) and it gets me out of the job i hate, which is the same as yours Buttons, Ironing :D :)

Have a great smoke free day everyone :)


Good morning Andi, and everone else.

Blue sky and cloud in Yorkshire . Sun cant make its mind up wether its coming or going.

Easy day today. Off to my eldest daughters for tea, so gets me out of cooking.

Have a lovely Easter Sunday everyone. :)


Hello again all

Now if I was clever enough I would have a cheering smiley face here or even a link to a pic of a trumpet but seen as I'm somewhat thick on computers please use your imagination and listen to the fanfare - I'VE DONE ALL MY IRONING YEAH HIP HIP HOORAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to celebrate, I've just put the first batch of sultana scones in the oven so if you give us 20 minutes or so, I'll put the kettle on and we can have hot scones with (as my hubby says) propper butter on (yes you are allowed to let a little run down your chin!) but if you want cherry scone then give it another 10 mins as those will only bed going in to cook when I've finished this bragging blog! Got another dozen of each sort ready so there's plenty for all. Jillygirl, don't you get me in bother with your daughter by eating so many that you don't want your tea!

Well, look forward to seeing you real soon - now who wants tea or would you prefer coffee?

Remember friends - together we can do this - never mind that, together WE ARE doing this!

Onwards and upwards all without nic's help!

Warm wishes to all for a great day.



Good afternoon everybody and a happy Easter :) :)

Andi, love the pic gal :D :D you up to anything today :o or taking it easy :)

Buttons, hmmmmm them scones sound nice, cos I can smell them cooking from here :)

Sue, erm just bin thinking, couldnt your hubby lower the ironing table for you so that you can sit and iron :o :D :D you have a nice lazy day Sue :)

Jillygirl, you too have a lazy day gal :) and I hope your keeping well :) just wondering how Sarah is going on :o

Rite am off around Butts to get some of them scones down my neck, before JC smells them :o :)


Hi everyone,

Was having a nap then the smell of Buttons scones woke me up, I'll be round for some soon Buttons :D :D :) If you put your cursor over one of the smiley faces Buttons it will show you how to do it, i had to do that :)

Hope you get the sun soon Jillygirl, have a great time at your daughters, I hope she's feeling better :)

Hi Pete, bet your glad of the day off, have a lazy day cause we have the party later :D :), hubby can't lower the ironing board cause we don't have one :D :D :D see you round at Buttons :)


Hmmm no ironing board eh :o you could always put a plank of wood on your knee :D :D :D


:D :D :D think that might be too much of a balancing act for me, although it might mean it irons the wrinkles out my knees :D :D :D


Oh, and here I was thinking it was quiet on this site today! You're all here... scoffing hot scones! Not fair... especially as I'm stuck in freezing Aberdoomshire... all on me Tod!

Ah, there's nothing like a bit a good old Self-pity to make me feel better..ahem!

Anyone, doesn't like ironing?... send it up to me - I love it. I put some headphones on, and I'm away in dreamland. Ironing all my cares away. Each to their own heh? Now Cooking... grrrrr it just makes me instantly grumpy.

Okay folks... Have a nice Scone Party.

Gill, xxxx


Hi Gill, It's freezing here in Dundee as well, thankfully no snow though.

I'll happily send you my ironing, I hate it :D :) hate cooking as well :D :D wonder if there's any housework I do like :o :D :D

Here's some scones to have with your cuppa, I sneaked them out of Buttons house :D :D :)


Hey Gill Really pleased that you joined us as you can have my ironing as well - I hate, detest, can't abide, don't like and any other description you can think of - in fact, I hate it more than sewing buttons back on something (anything actually) 'cos my problems start with that 'cos I can't thread the needle which puts me at a distinct disadvantage for sewing does it not?!

So pleased that sue managed to sneak out a couple of scones for you - hope you enjoyed them.

Onwards and upwards we go - where it leads to don't think I want to know!?!

Gonna get washing up done now - toiling over the kitchen sink oh well us women do have our crosses to bear don't we girls? but once that's done going out with the dogs and then gonna sit and chill.

Thanks for coming today everyone and those that haven't arrived yet don't worry there's plenty scones and butter left and jam for those that want to be really naughty but please don't tell them that's already been as I forgot to put it out for them (ohhh errrr oooops!).

Fresh cuppa anyone and anybody want seconds?

Speak later.

Take care all



Hi Buttons,

I'll have seconds please, there yummy, :)

Have a great time chillin :)


Happy Easter to all!

Tis a lovely sunny day in Leeds. My sore throat from earlier this week, manifested into a chest infection and laryngitis (which pleased some ha!). Goodness knows what my chest would have been like had I still been smoking! I actually had 2 days off work! I went back but wasn't right and if anybody had said anything to me on Thursday I would have burst into tears! I've been off my food, but am fancying an omelette and have a bit more energy today. I'm not back at work until Wednesday, so I should be fighting fit by then!

Hope that everyone has a fab day! For you chocaholics, Easter is a great excuse for eating lots of it! As I'm not a choccie lover, I may treat myself to some Pringles later!

Have a super day!

Jan xx


Aup Dan, its lovely to see you gal :) :D

Erm what was I going to say to you :o Ooooh yeah, thank you so much for giving me your sore throat, and turning it into Woman flu :P :P love you too !! typical flippin Woman, if you dont want it, just give it the old boy :o :D

Am sure you will be fighting fit for Wednesday :) and have got you a little present :o


Enjoy :)


Hey up Albert, oops I mean Pete :)

Dan here ha! You do make me chuckle...but it made me cough!

Oops soz that you caught mi 'bird flu'! I shall send you a HUGE virtual Easter egg by way of an apology (I must be under the weather being so nice)

Thanks very much for the Pringles...I haven't eaten any yet, my appetite has gone whoosh again, so just had some soup, I shall have my omelette tomorrow!

Hope that you're well aside from the sore throat! Hope that your mum is okay too x



Hi Jan, Happy Easter to you to :)

I'm so sorry you've been so ill :( you stay wrapped up in your duvet today in front of the telly, just watch out for crumbs from your pringles, they get everywhere :D :D

Hope you have a fandabby day :) :) xx


Hey Sue,

I hope that you're well on the mend after your surgery! You'd best be behaving and doing as you're told! I shall send you a HUGE virtual Easter egg too, and if Pete can't eat his cos his throat is too sore, you can have his too!

Hope that you've had a relaxing duvet day!



Hi all, cherry scones sound good please Buttons - never had them before. I hope you've got clotted cream as well - it has to be butter, strawberry jam and clotted cream every time for me with scones. :o :D

Gill, so you like ironing too then, we'll have to share it between you and Chick then cos she loves it too. Mind you, Chick's not up to speed this week with her lurgy so maybe you can have it all. We'll send Pete round with it in his van. :D :D

Pete, don't forget that Sue can't do any work at the moment - she is recovering from major surgery! :o :)



You're so right about me not being up to speed! I shall get mine done before I go back to work on Wednesday (hopefully). I can do all the virtual ironing though :)

Blimey re sending Pete to collect it in his van! He'd probably want cakes and tinnies, but if he's got .bird-flu', tis probably the best time for him to do it!

I shall send you a HUGE virtual Easter egg too...hide it from Pete when he calls to collect your ironing, I think Sue might have nicked his!



Hi Jan, thank you for the Easter eggs, i pinched Petes when he wasn't looking :D :D :D they were yummy :)

I'm having a duvet week, one good thing i can't do any ironing for 6 weeks :) xx


Huh typical flippin Woman, pinches mi Easter egg when my backs turned, only just went to get a cannie :o erm of cat food :) :D


:D :D :D sorry Pete, i've sent you another virtual one to go with your canine of cat food :o :D :D


Hi John, I'm glad that Amor will be back with Vida soon :) he must miss being able to fly about, hope you have a great evening :)


You'll need to get him wee socks to keep them warm :D :D :)


Hi All, Just got back from my daughters, Had a lovely salad and a variety of mf meats , cheeses, prawns etc. To finish off my son in law made some lovely enormous meringues, with fresh cream and fruit. Needless to say I am full. :O

Anyway brought some meringues back for you all, However I don't think Pete has had his easter treat (in messages) from last night.


Pete thanks for asking about Sarah, She goes for a ct scan on Tuesday, then another couple of weeks before she sees the consultant. So still struggling on.

Going to get my shower and then jim jam time. :) relax before bedtime.


Hi ya Jillygirl, glad you enjoyed your meal at your Daughters :) and them there meringues look ermmm :P yum :P yummy :) :)


John, poor Amor will be so glad to get out - it's seems ages since he was first poorly and separated from Vida.


Hi Jillygirl, glad you had a lovely time, the meal sounded delicious :) i'm sorry Sarah is not better yet, i hope she gets some answers after Tuesday, love and hugs xxxx


Hi Jilly, glad you had a lovely time at Sarah's. Really nice to have someone else do the cooking for you. :)


So Sue, are you going to get your knitting needles out then - you could start a new line in 'Love Bird Socks'. :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D


Are you sure you don't mean a man-sized balaclava to keep your ears warm in this weather? :)


:D :D :D i might just do that Andi if i can find my knitting needles :D :D


Blimey, how complicated does he want these socks to be? :o :D :D


Sorry guys n gals, but i feel creamcracked tonight, so will have to say night night to you all, so sweet dreams everybody, and see you tomorrow :) :) xxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Pete, sorry you're not feeling up to scratch. :( Hope you have a good sleep and feel a bit better tomorrow. :( Sweet dreams. :) xxxxx


Nite nite Pete , and everyone else. signing off now. Sweet dreams. :) xx :)


Nite nite Jilly and everyone else too. I'd better go to bed before I fall asleep on the sofa too.

Sweet dreams and sleep well. :) xxxxxxxxx


nite nite everyone,I'm off to bed now, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxx


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