Good morning . Well I hope you all enjoyed your extra hour in bed. Officially Autumn.

Its a beautiful sunny morning here in Yorkshire. Perhaps the calm before the storm.

Just had some granola /muesli for breakfast trying to be healthy. Guess what chipped my tooth on a pumpkin seed. Dentist next week then. :(

catch up later. :)

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  • Oh no, lethal to teeth, nuts and seeds. It started out quite sunny but its chucking it down again now. Guess there'll be no bike riding today. Have not had a nicotine lozenge since 7.00pm Friday night. Yay.

  • Good Morning Jillygirl, Sinfree and everybody :)

    Love the pic Jillygirl, and yep its lovely and sunny here too at the moment 8-) :)

    Sinfree, a big yippyyyyy dippyyyyy dooooo to you gal, its lozengeless Sinfree from now on then :o :D :D stick with it gal cos your doing just great :)

    Rite am off to make some lumpy stuffin see ya in a bit :)

  • Good morning everyone, it's sunny here in Flintshire, Wales this morning but wind getting stronger :-(

    I'd forgotten about the clocks going back, until hubby said ' your up early '. So I should use the time to do extra exercising !!! :-/

    Here's to a great ciggy free day :-) For everyone. T.T.F.N.

  • Hi ya Sunny :)

    Aup gal, is that where the Flintstones come from, Barnie Rubble and them lot ?? yabba dabba doooo :D :D Sooo you got up an hour early, but it sounds like your going to put it to some good use :)

    I hope you and hubby have had a lovely day :) erm, am not quite sure what TTFN stands for ! Look gal, am not the erm, brightest of the bunch eh :o I only have 1 brain cell at the best of times, then I have to fight the flippin cat for it !! so if you could please enlighten my, would be much appreciated :) :)

    Stay focused and positive on your quit gal, cos I know you can doooooo it, and you flippin WILL doooooo it :) :)

  • Morning Monky, after getting up early yesterday I didn't get to do any exercises as planned :-( ended up on the computer for ages, needed to download something and then couldn't find it !! Soooo frustrating, so ended up reaching for the e-cig :-( Dam it.

    Still back on track today eh :-)

    Hope your day free from nasty Mr nic :-)

    T.T.F.N. = Ta Ta For Now. :-/

  • Hi everyone,

    Jillygirl i hope your tooth isn't giving you any pain, seeds are terrible on teeth, hope you still have the sun you lucky thing :)

    That's brill sinfree :) no lozenges since friday, keep it up you can do this :) we have rain here as well, it's awful isn't it, i think we need to emigrate :)

    Mrssunnyside i forgot about the clocks as well, at least my phone changed time or who knows how long i would have been confused :D :D

    Have you made your lumpy stuffing now Pete, i thought that was lumpy anyway :o :D :D

    I hope none of you get the strong winds tonight, if you do be safe

    Have a great smoke free day all :) xx

  • Aup Sue, yeah, stuffin is a bit lumpy usually, but mine is erm, something else eh :o this was my back garden !!


    :D :D :D

  • Evening All, I hope you've managed to get through this not so sunny (unless in Florida!) and not so blustery fresh new Autumn day :D We have a sall Japanese Acer in our garden and a fair few leaves have started to turn a beautiful red colour already. Autumn has most definitely arrived :-)

    We've had a houseful today, all is ever so quiet now everyone has gone!

    JillyGirl, I hope you're not in pain with you little chipped Peggy :-/

    Sin, i must have missed something. Are you planning on not using the lozenges anymore? If you're not using anything, it will only take 2 days for any remaining nicotine to leave your system. :-)

    Hey Pete, hope you had a lovely dinner :-) Agnes and Gertie are still providing us with an egg each a day. Haven't bought eggs in months now :-)

    Hi Mrssunnyside, after getting up so early you'll probably be like me and end up doing some nodding' as the evening closes in :-)

    Sue, it looks as though you may be missing the storms and winds all the way up North. It's down South that looks like they need to stay home and keep safe :-)

    I'm just about to settle dwn and chillax for the evening after a really hectic week and weekend. I'll be glad to go into work tomorrow for a rest ;-)

  • Hi ya Emjay :)

    Yes some of them Japanese Acers dooo look gorgeous at this time of year :) all I 've got is a couple of apple trees, and a cherry, but I tell you this year, the cherry tree, has got green, yellow, orange and brown leaves on it, until tomorrow perhaps :o

    Am soooo glad Agey & Girty are still ermmmm doing their thing eh :) cluck cluck :D and you get some well earned nodds now gal, and doooo some chilaxing eh, mind you, I bet you love looking after your Grand kiddies :) :)

    Speak soon Emjay, you take care now gal :)

  • Jonathan, if your looking in pal, Today, is 3 whole Months quit for you, that is just tremendous :) :) andddd, cold turkey as well :)

    I tell you Jonathan, you are a better, stronger and determined man than I will ever be :o But I will ask you one thing, just let your friends know that you have done it :) and how you have done it :) Dont tell them !! just let them know in conversation :) and hold your head up HIGH, cos I know you have BEAT mr nic once and for allllllllllll :) :)

    Speak soon pal, you take care now :)

  • I will bid you all a lovely nights sleep, cos am noddin now, I hope you all have had a lovely day, doing what you want to do :) and, of course smoke free with it eh :) if not, then let us know :) we will not criticise you :o we will help you to get back on track for another go at it :) you are not a failure, you just had a mishap thats all :)

    Enjoy your nights sleep, cos it works wonders for you :) :)

    Pete :) xxxxx

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