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Daily Chat - Tuesday 23rd July

I will try and open the daily chat today !! But when I press send I know another one will have opened by magic.

Anyway still very spacey - Space Cadet and just seen Jupiter out the window (largest planet in Solar System so I couldn't miss it !!). Wondering now if this light headed feeling might not be the norm and it is a question of trying to get with it - i.e. concentrate ?? Got to say I feel very different to the smoker of a few weeks ago, sense of smell, taste and I can breath so well ( few chest pains coming & going - but okay) and asthma at a much more manageable level. Dreams are so vivid & real - which is great ..... I think it is all good news and so glad / delighted to be a NON smoker.

Have a great day everybody and sorry all I can do is talk about myself ....

Best wishes


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Morning Jonathan, I think you are doing great. Sure the light headedness will go pretty soon. I think the first 2 to 3 weeks you are more aware of how you feel. Eventually I think your body and brain settles down to some sort of normality. Well done on opening the daily chat. I have been busy this morning , buying radiators etc for our flat. plus chatting to our neighbours.

Have a lovely day. catch up soon. :)


Just realised I should have said good afternoon. time flies when your having fun. :D


Hi Jilly

Thanks for your continued encouragement - to be told I am "doing great" is just wonderful - thank you again.

Not sure you will need the radiators for awhile yet - so no rush getting them installed !!

Hope you have a great day.



Hi J. We have just moved in to the flat and I don't think anything has been done to it for about 30years. Even the spiders were white and dried up. :D

So we are trying to get all the jiobs done in some sort of order. This weekend is a new boiler and radiators. Week after try and fix squeaky floors. Then its bathroom, kitchen décor and carpets. Sounds easy when you write it down.

So if you get fed up and feel bored head your way to Yorkshire. Plenty to take your mind off those cravings. I think I know your answer. NOPE! :D :D



Aup Jonathan, it sounds like your still on the right track pal :) yeah know what you mean about going a bit ermmmm loooopy while you are quitting, cos ave only got 1 brain cell left myself, mind you, am still not sure whether it was to do with the quitting or chatting to some of these gals on here :o :| :D :D :D

What ever these Women or nic chuck at you, try to keep positive and focused on your quit eh, cos you've got the word NOPE to think about :) :)

I hope you've had a good day, and have a lovely nights sleep toooo :)


Good afternoon Jonathan, Jilly and all.

Glad you are making such good progress Jonathan. I know what you mean about the dreams. The brain is an amazing organ.

Sounds like you are making steady progress too Jilly.

I'm having a lazy day today. A bit of reading and catching up on some TV I have recorded. I got wet during the night, during the storm. It was raining so hard and because my bedroom window was wide open when I went to sleep and my bed is quite close, the rain actually came in and reached me. It is still very warm though. I must say that on the whole I am enjoying the summer at the moment.

Sally... :)


Hi ya Sally :) hmmmm just wondering who this rain bloke is though :o was he serenading you when he came through your bedroom window ?? If I'd have climbed through your bedroom window, I wouldnt have wet you though :o erm mind you am getting on a bit now gal, think I was in my early 20s when I did any of that sort of thing last, cant even remember why I did it now, it must have been one of them man things at the time eh ;) :D :D

I hope you enjoyed your lazy day Sally, speak soon, erm maybe eh :o sweet dreams gal :)


I meant to also say that I think I am beginning to get the hang of this updated site.


Hi Sally hope your ok and enjoying your lazy day. I too feel as if I am getting used to the site, but then a gremlin comes along to spoil it. :D

Never mind it keeps us all on our toes. :) Enjoy your day. xx


That is very true Jilly and another distraction from smoking in a strange kind of way. Enjoy your evening..x


Aup Jillygirl :) hmmmm it sounds as if you've been spending poor hubbies money again gal :P :D :D

I hope you both well and tuned in for these erm diy jobs you got to do :o :| just wish I lived a bit nearer to you gal, then I could help you, by dropping some tools off for you :D :D :D

I wish you a lovely nights sleep, cos boyyyyyyy are you going to need it :o ;) I will try my hardest to finish earlier one flippin night, so I can have a chat to ya gal, cos I dont half miss ya :( :(

Take care now Jillygirl, and take care of hubby too eh, cos he's a goodn, well most of the time :o :D :D luvs ya :) xxxx


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