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(Late) Daily Chat: Friday 12th July 2013

(Late) Daily Chat: Friday 12th July 2013

Happy Friday afternoon Everybody,

welcome to our new look community :-) I know it's a bit hard to find your way around at first, unless you are like Jonathan who seems to be having no bother ;-) but I'm sure we'll be whizzing around the site like it's been this way for ever in no time :-)

There are still probably going to be a number of hiccups over the coming days but I have faith in HealthUnlocked to have them sorted as soon as possible. There will also be some useful features, such as folders and categories where we will be able to keep regularly used information. This will hopefully include things like our breathing exercises etc so that you don't have to keep reading the same posts all the time :-)

Anyway, lets see if this works.....

It's taken me forever to work out how to post, so I started off gently by copying in our 'Wall of Winners' question :D

I'm now going to see if I can include a picture too... Lets see what happens :-/

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Well so far I'm not impressed! Takes time to get used to the new yes I do appreciate that but login and it then tyhrows you out with error 404 can't log back in blogs all over the place not in any order when you do manage to view one Sorry but I for one do not like this new site at all and it really puts me off coming on and/or joining in. When you log out next time you go on you're still logged in! Me wionders if they are tgrying to tell me somethinkg! Well, I'm certainly get a message of some sort!!


Hi everyone, I've had a right problem trying to get on here, then i couldn't post anything :o hopefully it will get better.

I love your pic Emjay, so cute :) I'm not saying to much just now in case this doesn't work, hope your all having a great smoke free day :)


Hi Emjay and everyone, been child minding. thought I would see if it would let me on site now. Well if your reading this the answer is yeah!


Hi all, Oh I quite like this, it's early days yet and I'm sure there will be a few teething problems, which is only to be expected. A change is as good as rest!

Hope that everyone is tickety boo!

Don't forget your suncream!

Jan xx

I have worked far too many hours this week, and I am deffo feeling tired tonight!


Hi Jan, hope you have your feet up now :)

I'm still getting used to this, had problems getting on, hopefully it will all be working soon, hope you get some R and R at the weekend :) xx


Aup Jannnnn :) and yes thank you, am tickety boo now, cos its the weekend :) :) :) :)

I hope your tickety booooo toooooo gal :) :) if you want some sun-tan-cream rubbin on ya back, then am ya man :o :D :D

Nite nite Chuckles, and enjoy your snooooooze :) :)


I'm off to bed now, hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow.

Sweet dreams :) xx


Nite nite Sue and sweet dreams to you gal :) xxx

I hope we see you tomorrow toooooo :)


I know this site is having a few teething troubles at the moment, but am sure it will soon pass :) :)

Nite nite all and do try to get a good nights sleep, it will help you keep positive on your quit :) sleep well :) xxxxx


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