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DAILY CHAT/10/07/2013

DAILY CHAT/10/07/2013

this blog is from Jonathan. (quit) I posted it on the daily chat for him.

Good morning all

Okay day 4 will start at 12 noon - this could / should mean things will get less intense (mad!!), might even manage to do some work today - rather than just sitting there half zombiefied (spelling rubbish!!).

Got to read a book (No.1 on list) last night and found breathing exercises on blog this morning (THANK YOU so much).

Maths sum:

20 a day for 34 years = 245,000 (ish) cigs with asthma ...

have stopped before for short amount of time - but all the same this is serious self harm !!

Not sure my brain has been working that well last few years either ..... I need to do this and so does everyone else need to stop and stay stopped. Some of those pics on internet of people slowly dying from smoking related diseases ... oh my God & then all the dangerous stuff being added to the tobacco to keep you more addicted & make the smoke such a pleasing experience ... oh my God. My father in law (great guy) died from lung cancer a few years back ... you would think I might have registered !!!!

Must not get too carried away ... sense of smell coming back which is most odd as did not know what the rooms in the house smelt like (or if I did know had forgotten), sorry if getting carried away this morning ..... getting / got another rush to the head as I write this .... had better stop and go for walk (No. 4).

Best wishes to all & MANY THANKS

Jonathan (alias Quit)

P.S. My neighbour has been saying prayers for me to stop smoking for months (I can feel something now working)

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Just think of the kind of house you could have with £245,000. Just think too if they suddenly banned cigs altogether, they would then cost an arm and a leg on the black market. Keep going you're doing well.


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