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Daily chat: Tuesday 9th July 2013

Daily chat: Tuesday 9th July 2013

Good morning everyone.

We are all feeling for you right now Vee. Don't be a stranger and come on here for a chat whenever you like. :)

Any of you out there still looking for another reason to quit? Then check out Paul's recent question and all the comments.

Enjoy the day. 8-) :)

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Morning andi and everyone, Like you say andi we are all sending our love and hugs to Vee.

Everyone helped me when I went through it last December. I am sure she will be on this site even more now.

Hope you all have a lovely day. stay smoke-free and Happy!



Morning Andi, Jilly and all,

I add my support to Vee...and another enormous hug.x

Sally... :)


Good morning all.

At 12pm today day 3 will start. Hoping for a better day than yesterday as felt out-of-it all the time and very difficult to concentrate. Still positive about this and breathing getting much better.

Best wishes & stay with it to all trying to get away from this horrible (dangerous) smelly uncool old habit !! (Sorry about any spelling mistakes)

Jonathan (alias Quit)


Keep going Jonathan you are doing so well. I am 14 weeks today and soon this will be you. Sending you positive vibes :-)

Sue xx


Thanks for your support Sue


Hi Jonathan, You can do it. Have a better day today. get plenty of healthy snacks at hand to nibble. Take your mind off Mr nic.



Good Morning Everyone,

BunnySue, do you realise that you are more than a full quarter of a year smokefree now? :D :D I had funny dreams last night about Australian Pink Floyd, it must have been from reading your posts about going to see a Pink Floyd tribute band! :-/

Jonathan, you're doing brilliant. Just practise your breathing exercises so that you know how to use them properly when you need them most, for example when a craving sets in :-)

Morning Sally :-) I hope you manage to find at least 5 minutes today to just have a ponder about how well you are doing, how much better you are feeling and then realise that you have built a new wall up in your mind to sit on ;-)

Big waves to JillyGirl :-)

Big hugz and positive vibes to Vera xx

Andi, are you going to make be envious again today by telling me you are off to the beach... again? 8-) 8)

Looks like we all seem to be able to be accessing the site without any problems, I hope all will still be revealed by HealthUnlocked at 1 O'Clock .

Meanwhile, lets get the kettle on and a few glasses of nice cold healthy fruit juice :D


Ooooh yeah! cool fruit juice sounds fab.



Hi EmJay,

I really hadn't thought of it quite like that. Thanks

Sally :)


As long as you still have your mind Sally, you can be anywhere, on any wall ;-) Maybe it's not a great idea to try it if you're driving though eh?! :-/


Still very light headed & no concentration at all. This is most difficult .....

However promise my daughter & son I would stop and stop I will.

Found some really horrible info on damage caused by smoking on the web (oh my God...)

Now stuck between a rock & a hard place (or whatever the expression is).

I think after day 3 it will (I pray) get easier ??

Stick with it everyone.

(sorry for spelling mistakes)

Best wishes


(alias Quit)


Jonathan your doing great. The thing is when you first quit it seems like that's all you can think about. Try to plan your day and keep yourself busy. Try not to put yourself in a situation where you would normally smoke. I used the inhalator then when the craving got bad I had a puff on that. keep at it. :)

here are some tips I found.

1. Read a book.

2. Wash the car.

3. Wash the dog.

4. Go for a walk.

5. Knit a scarf.

6. Do a crossword puzzle.

7. Take a nap.

8. Call a friend.

9. Post a message here

10. Play with the cat.

11. Turn the bathroom into a spa and do all those beauty treatments.

12. Listen to a relaxation tape or some favorite music.

13. Go to a store and get a free make-up session.

14.Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.

15. Try out a new hair-do


17. Go to the movies.

18. Hang out at a mall.

19. Do a jigsaw puzzle online at Jigzone.com

20. Breathe deeply!

21. Swig down some ice water.

22. Jump on a treadmill or go to a gym.

23. Give someone you love a huge hug.

24. Plant some flowers.

25. Do some exercise - swimming, aerobics, yoga, etc. Great for releasing endorphins (feel good factor) and relieving stress (physical and mental).

26. Work out how to post a picture in the forum!

27. Take up a new hobby/interest - channel your thoughts into something constructive and interesting.

28. Work in the garden.

29. Retail therapy with the cash you saved from not smoking.

30. Suck on a piece of TART candy (Jolly Rancher is my personal favorite).

31. Slather on a rich, creamy hand lotion and rub, rub, rub! It keeps fingers busy, and reminds you how nice it is not to have tobacco stink on them.

32. Eat a popscicle.

33. Floss and brush your teeth.

34. Make-out with your special someone! Hubby hated kissing me when I smoked, but now he LOVES it. Soooo, when the urge strikes and he's within kissing distance, I plant a big one on him!

35. Chew gum.

36. Chew a toothpick (shiny teeth).

37. Spend time with a kid.

38. Give yourself a treat every day of your quit - not matter how small.

39. Spend an hour filling the paddling pool in the garden on a gorgeous sunny day, only to find that the kids would rather play on the computer.

40. Play several games of internet scrabble, and hopefully win one!

41. Walk in an old graveyard with the man you love.

42. Get your jammies on early, and park yourself in front of your computer for the night.

43. Build a REAL closet

44. Hang the sheetrock on said closet.

45. Do the mudding, taping and sanding on that closet.

46. Paint the closet.

47. Add the doors to the closet.

48. And last...when the real closet is finished, create THE CHOCOLATE CLOSET on this site.

49. Hang on dearly to a caramel apple sucker.

50. Sing loudly.

51. Practice smiling in the mirror (releases endorphins)!

52. Make lists of pros and cons of smoking.

53. Find gross smoking disease pictures.

54. Play with Silly Putty.

55. Whistle "Don't Worry - Be Happy."

56. Get a camera, and take some pictures.

57. Write a letter (you know...on paper).

58. Clean OUT the closets.

59. Crank up the radio and sing at the top of your lungs (works great for driving craves).

60. Crank up the radio and dance like no one is watching.


Great list - Thank you.

Played Tennis will now try No 1.

Kind regards



I love number 26 JillyGirl, 34 made me laugh as I thought of you chasing Mr JillyGirl around and I liked number 55 :D

I'll pop some breathing exercises up for you Jonathan. It's normal to be feeling light headed. You are just getting used to good old clean and fresh oxygen reaching your brain instead of poisonous toxins such as carbon monoxide :D You are doing ever so well, this is all normal and it won't last forever :D


don't know why he doesn't want a kiss. :D



1st pic didn't work. :(


Thank you

Where will I find these breathing exercises ?

Kind regards



Hi Quit I will copy and post the breathing exercises for you on a separate blog. :)


Aup Jonathan, a massive big welcome to this lovely quit support site pal :) :)

there's loads of help and support on here, you just fire away, and we will try to help you :) :)

Pete :)


Good afternoon everyone, crikey, it's hot today! :o Decided to do a load of washing today and hang it out. Now, I haven't hung it out yet this year and I found I had the same problem as last year - I couldn't find my hole! (for the washing line! :o ) I remember when this happened last year - nearly sent me back on the fags - I really thought I knew where it was now so will have to start searching for it with a spade again. :D :D

No beach for me today - needed a day off. Off to my running group shortly - last week it was drizzle, 15 degrees and a jacket - why don't we seem to have any mid ground these days? Dash back after


Wow, my computer died in the middle of writing that post and I'm amazed it was still there! :)

Now back from running and off to my club for fish and chips and skittles evening. (Think I'd better have a shower before I go. :o ) :D :D

Have a nice evening all, see you tomorrow. :)


have a super evening andi. :)



Aup Jillygirl :) :)

Erm just wondering if Andies legs are sun taned, or is it fake tan :o :| :D :D


going to do a dick emery now. Ooh you are awful but I like you. :D



Andi, I hope there low cal fish n chips gal, cos am counting :o :D :D you enjoy your night out Andi :) :) Enjoy :) :)

Hmmm, sniff sniff, maybe just a little shower needed gal :D :D :D


uh! just given up on you. thought I hadn't put my deodorant on never mind andi.

hope your ok pete.

Have a look at the list I posted for Jonathan. whats your favourite? :D


Am sorry am late Jillygirl, but erm, lets just say I got court up in something, am sorry :( :(

Yes i am going to have a read of the list, and I will see what catches my eye :o :|


59 & 60

Just like that gal :D :D :D

Rite I will go and read the rest now gal :)


must have a good beat to the music. :D



:D :D :D ha ha ha just love it Jillygirl, ave had a bit of a stressful day, but that has sorted that :) thankyou :) :)


Right kind of outfit for this weather. :D :D :D


Your right there Andi :D :D :D


Hiya, back already - no skittles, but I'm not sorry about that. The problem with going out in the evening in this weather is that it's so hot in the house when you get back and not enough time to try cooling it down a bit before going to bed! :o

Fish & chips done, Vienetta for afters! Oo-er - hope it doesn't affect the scales too much! :o :D :D


I'm watching you Andi :o :| :D :D


That's only cos you can't catch me! :D :D :D


They must be tight with the chips at your chippy if you can fit vienetta in for afters, you'll be sick eating all that fat! :D


Right guys and gals I am tired out now so off to bed. Have a lovely nights sleep if you can.

love ya all. sweet dreams. xx :)


Nite nite Jilly, sleep well, see you tomorrow. :) xxx


Aup Slowcoach, I'm off too so I hope you have a good kip and work goes okay for you tomorrow. Sweet dreams. :) xxx


Good morning all

Okay day 4 will start at 12 noon - this could / should mean things will get less intense (mad!!), might even manage to do some work today - rather than just sitting there half zombiefied (spelling rubbish!!).

Got to read a book (No.1 on list) last night and found breathing exercises on blog this morning (THANK YOU so much).

Maths sum:

20 a day for 34 years = 245,000 (ish) cigs with asthma ...

have stopped before for short amount of time - but all the same this is serious self harm !!

Not sure my brain has been working that well last few years either ..... I need to do this and so does everyone else need to stop and stay stopped. Some of those pics on internet of people slowly dying from smoking related diseases ... oh my God & then all the dangerous stuff being added to the tobacco to keep you more addicted & make the smoke such a pleasing experience ... oh my God. My father in law (great guy) died from lung cancer a few years back ... you would think I might have registered !!!!

Must not get too carried away ... sense of smell coming back which is most odd as did not know what the rooms in the house smelt like (or if I did know had forgotten), sorry if getting carried away this morning ..... getting / got another rush to the head as I write this .... had better stop and go for walk (No. 4).

Best wishes to all & MANY THANKS

Jonathan (alias Quit)

P.S. My neighbour has been saying prayers for me to stop smoking for months (I can feel something now working)


Hi Jonathan I hope you don't mind but I re posted your comment on to a new daily chat page. if you want to start off the 1st blog on daily chat go to write a blog post at the top right of this page. if you get stuck don't worry we will help. Anyway well done on staying quit. :)


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