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Day 6

Hi ya guys and Gals,

well as you see, it's now day 6 of being smoke free. "Happy Days!"

Even better news.... After just 2 days on the 25mg/16 hour patch, i decided to try and do it without the patches? Good news... I have!

I woke up on the 3rd day and just thought i'd pray about it and see how it goes? I have had a few cravings, but nothing that i can't handle.

My wife is still using the patches and the 4mg fruit flavoured gum, but as long as she keeps smoke free, then i'm so proud of her to!

I can't believe how good i'm feeling today!! Just wanted to share that with everyone. Roll on tomorrow.... =)

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Hello Brien. Wow you guys are doing so well. :-) :-) Stay stong and continue taking it day by day and soon you'll be counting the weeks, then months and finally years. :D :D

A massive well done to you both :-)

Sue xx


Thanks sue! Can't believe it'll be 1 week tomorrow!


Good for you Brien - am really chuffed that you have gone a day without the patches. You definitely prove that it can be done although I have to admit that it isn't as easy for some but hey, we're all different and as long as whatever you do works for you, then go for it.

Really pleased that you are doing this together as it does make a helluva lot of difference - as you can help each other along the way.

Once again, really glad that things are working for you but one word of caution, don't try to rush things too much as sometimes that can result in a fall.

Stay strong and together you will both get were you want to be - smoke free!



Well done to both of you.

Sally .. :)


Hi Brien , big well done to you both. tomorrow will be a week, and before you know it it will be a month then a year. Its a lovely feeling being a non smoker. stay focused and positive your certainly off to a good start.



Wow Brien, I can't believe it's nearly a week for you two already. You must be proud for yourself as well as for Chrissy cos together you are doing this. I hope you're following an app where you count all the money you're saving as it'll be double the rest of us. ;-) Good luck and keep on with that quitting. :)


Hi Brien, It's nearly a week for you both, well done, keep strong, with the help of each other you will do this :)


Hi brien,

Thats just great news pal that you and Chrissy are on day 6 :) :) erm, just wondering if you are keeping track of the money you are saving between yourselves, it could soon mount up :o :)

Stay focused and positive on your quit if you can, cos it does help :)

Pete :)


Hey Brien and Chrissy, welcome into the start of your 2nd week :D :D

Your body will be improving in so many ways already :-)

Please be on the lookout and ready for those pesky cravings though. These can be a determined load of 'blighters' and it's more the psychological cravings that they work really well with. They try to 'coax you into thinking that you really do want to smoke, even if the sneaky things lead you to believe that you are only going to have 'just one little puff'!

So, if you have still opted to not using the patch, I would suggest just keeping one in your wallet, just in case. That way, if things do become a bit too much for you, you have something as backup :-)

Well done to you both and remember to stay positive, you can do this! :D


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