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Day 2 comes to a close

Day 2 comes to a close

Well, only just over an hour and I will have hit the magic 48 hours of no smoking. Sometimes it seems quite easy not to smoke and at other times it is sooooooooooooooo hard - the craving is extremely strong but I am determined that this time I will stop. I will carry on taking each day as it comes - just wish the weather would warm up a bit - wonder if I am feeling the cold more because I haven't got all those ciggie chemicals circulating through my body only the remnants from the days when I was a smoker.

So far have not felt the urge to kill anyone in fact, I am amazed at how calm I have been considering that I was not that calm a person when I was a smoker!

Maybe tomorrow I will have a go and pluck up the courage to post an answer to someone else's blog or question but we'll see.

Found this and thought the men might appreciate it.

A soccer match made in heaven

Ashley and Bob are 90 year old Town fans and lifelong friends. Ashley is dying and Bob says: "We both loved football all our lives. We played football on Saturdays together for so many years. When you get to Heaven, you must let me know if there's football there." Soon after, Ashley dies.

The night after the funeral, Bob is awakened by a flash of white light and a voice calling to him: "Bob ..... Bob."

"Ashley? Is that you?"

"Aye, lad. It's me. I'm Heaven. I've some good news and bad news."

"By heck,it's good to hear you. What's the good news?"

"There's football in heaven. All of our old friends who died before us are here and we're all young again. We can play whenever we want."

"That's fantastic," says Bob. "So what's the bad news?"

"You're in the team for this Saturday".

Well, that's me done on the computer for tonight - just for interest the photo today is of my Dad and Mum in the Lakes - might be my imagination but I am certain you can see the love they have for each other shining through.

Tomorrow is another (hopefully) smoke free day and get a good nights rest everyone so that we can fight those ciggies again tomorrow.

Sweet dreams all.


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Ha ha ha just love it Buttons :D :D :D ace gal.

Your doing just great buttons :) you keep the good work up gal :) and stay focused and alert, cos nic can strike at any time :o but i know you will just kick him out a that door :) :)

Nite nite Buttons and get a cosy nights sleep :) :)


Night Night Buttons , look forward for tomorrows jokes etc. :) sleep tight. xxxxx


Love it Buttons52 :D

You're doing really well, loving how positive you are. It's this that makes all the difference :D

As your circulation starts to improve, you will hopefully start feeling yourself starting to warm up a bit :-)

Lovely photie of your mum and dad :-)


We will fight those ciggies together buttons,well done,tomorrow is to day 3 ...we can do it ..xxx


Buttons ...well done flower :) :) lots of positive for day 3 :) xx


Good going, keep up your resolve as a non smoker.

Liked the joke to.



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