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quitting smoking1 day

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tammiet22710 MONTH WINNER
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quitting smoking 1 day here i am using the vapor hope is works ,i'm 35 and been smoking for 22 years it's time to kick the habit for m self and my son whos on my butt to quite

11 Replies
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jessrudd127 MONTH WINNER

Well done for taking the first step tammie! Thats a big leap in itself! Are you using NRT other than the vape? Do you have any nicotine in the vape? 

Welcome to quit support anyway, and keep this site close, as it really helped me when i first gave up. 

Wishing you all the luck in the world with your quit :) 

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tammiet22710 MONTH WINNER in reply to jessrudd12

thanks jess ,i've been quitting for over a 1 month now but i keep slipping up but this time i'm 100 % commited this time ,yes there 2mg of nicotine  

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jessrudd127 MONTH WINNER in reply to tammiet227

N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever :) stick by that saying and you will be amazing :) it takes a lot of will power not to fall back into the old routine, but even if you do, dont beat yourself up about it, just start again. :) at least you are making the effort to quick lovely, you will get there in the end, i know it. 

There are loads of tips and tricks on the sidebar, cravings busters etc so have a look at those, and if ever your feeling tempted,come straight on here and someone will be online to keep you focused :)  

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Hi Tammiet227  BIG welcome to Quit support.

The decision to quit is the best thing you can do. It doesnt matter what you use to  help you as long as you  get there eventually. Any problems just shout.   xxx  

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Hi tam and welcome to quit support😊

Well done for making the best decision to quit and I can tell ya that the vape will work. Stay determined and use it when you need to. Your Son is wise to be on your case, so let us help you get to where ya want to be.........SMOKEFREE👍🏼

Take one day at a time, stay positive and believe in yourself. You CAN do it.

NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭🚭🚭

Please remember to drink lots of water as this will help flush out the toxins. Excercise will also help the healing process.  Shout if ya need anything coz we've all been where you are now and understand how difficult this journey can be. Good luck🍀😊

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Welcome Tammie,

You have met some of the crew who have given you some great advice.

Stay strong and let's make this your time to shine....keep this site nice and close as we have many members alway ready to offer any support they can..if you have any questions, just ask away 


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Hi Tammiet227, a big warm welcome to our quit support family :) and I am loving your son :) cos he knows best mam, he wants his mam to be around when he grows up to be a man !!!! 

Sooooo, lets help you to stay quit eh :) 

You say Tammi, you've slipped up in the past, WHY ? try to think back, WHAT made you light up ?? what time of day was it ?? what were you doing ?? where were you ?? You have to try to think of an alternative way to get around these times :) :) Please have a good think about this :) 

I will set your quit date for the 11th April 2016 :) :) 

Pete :) 

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tammiet22710 MONTH WINNER

Definitely hard I'm over 24 hours with out a cigarette anexity is at a high right now bit I'm not giving up I'm fighting through it 

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to tammiet227

Well done tam, keep fighting and try some of the breathing techniques to help keep calm🚭😊 

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Fantastic! Welldone. Stay focused on WHY you are quitting (lots of reminders everywhere, yes, everywhere - back of loo door, fridge, phone,.....). You can do it!

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glolinAdministrator in reply to HollySunshine112

Hollysunshine112, have missed your quit date😞😞

I am ever so sorry 😞😫😞😫

PLease let us know so we can award you with a winners badge 👍,

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