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Thank you so much for your honest comments funny thing is now I've taken the pressure off not to smoke I don't feel like smoking if you understand what I mean so now what I'm going to do is wait until I come back off my holiday and try again but I'm going to make a doctor's appointment and with help from them I will succeed in this and I will still need your comments and advice if that's still ok thanks for not making me feel bad because believe me someone will

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Well done on making yourself a plan of action. I am sure you will be a non smoker very soon. :)


donesmokin - good for you your already part way there by not being too hard on yourself and seeking the little bitty bit of assistance you need at your doc's.

We'll always be here for you and if anyone tries to make you feel bad - don't - because I bet they are a smoker who has never tried to quit!

Think good of yourself and be proud of your achievement of 10 weeks, never mind that you stumbled, you have faced up to it and it will definitely make you stronger.

Enjoy your holiday and hope the sun keeps shining each and every day for you.

Pop on when you get back or when you've been to the docs and let us know how it's going.

Have a nice rest of the evening.


Donesmokin, good plan, just go and enjoy your holiday with no pressure. Have a good time hope the weather is good for you. We hope to see you back here soon with a plan of action x


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