Good morning to one and all

Cloudy and very chilly here in West Yorkshire but not raining so far so that has to be a plus.

Hope everyone had a good nights rest ready for the start of this brand new day and also had some sweet dreams with no nightmares.

Already been with the dogs (3 hours ago to be truthful) and it's amazing how few folk there are about at that time on a Sunday morning (none actually) - so peaceful - so transquil - just me them and my thoughts.

Hope everyone has a brill day - done my first blog already and posted it and hope everyone understands why I had to do it.

Enjoy 'Another pleasant valley Sunday' and if anyone knows the title of this song and who actually sang it would like to know as the three words just popped into my head and I am still trying to fathom out why!

Have a great day doing something you want to do and catch you all later.


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  • What a lovely way to be woken up much better than waking to thunder and lightening. Don't know what heaven is like as I have never been there as yet and knowing my luck, won't get to go either. :D

    Hope you're day is good Madi and enjoy it.

    Catch you later.


  • Thank you Madi - would have driven myself nuts today trying to remember who sang it and somemore words from it. Should remember this group as Davey Jones was, I think, Manchester born and bred and Machester is only just up the road and over the tops from me.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.


  • Hi Everyone

    Just thought I would paste this link not quite got the hang of it yet but definitely progress - humour me and copy and paste please as I think it's worth it!!!



    I absolutely adore this pic so some of you do too!!!

  • Hey people - I've done it can't believe it but I have actually done it!

    YIPPEE!!!! HOORAY!!!!

  • Thank you John.

    Just hope :O I can remember how I did it so that I can do it again.

    Have nice rest of the day. :)

  • Good Morning Everybody, in light of the pointless comments that have been made, I have decided that I will delete all posts relating to any negative remarks. Appropriate actions have been taken, with more to follow should no improvements be observed.

    Kath, there is no reason for a new daily chat to continue, yours is very much welcomed - as are all your blogs and polite comments :D

    Once again, I'm sorry to those of you who have had to start your lovely Sunday off by reading such negativity.

    Thank you to all of you who remain to be ever so polite and most of all, supportive :-)

    Now off to do some deleting and then I'll offer a nice cup of tea all round :-/

  • Good morning EmJay

    Oh a cup of tea would be lovely thank you - milk but no sugar - I will refuse a biscuit though as I'm not only watching my weight but I have cooked a nice beef joint and when I've had my tea, going to start mising the batter for Yorkshire Puds as we're having a traditional lunch today.

    Catch you later.


  • Oops!! Fingers thinking ahead of brain that should be mixing the batter.

    Never heard of mising the batter and being Yorkshire born and bred that is a bad typographical (you see I aren't kidding when I say dictionary reading is interesting) error.

    Enough for a few more if anyone wants to join us!

  • Hi There,

    I was unfortunate enough to read the negative remarks made earlier to you. I have just joined the forum help thingy - and am so glad the remarks have been deleted. I like what you have to say in general and your philosophy, so be encouraged that I have enjoyed what you have said today - despite some negativity being around. Had I been younger and less life experienced it could really have put me off. However, I have had some lovely people reply to me already to a question I asked yesterday. Well done for being so controlled!! After all Yorkshire people are renowned for calling a 'spade a spade' - albeit I'm on the other side of the Border. Vee

  • Good afternoon Emjay :)

    I'm late on here today, so havnt read the comments you have deleted, but I assure you I am with you 1000% on the actions you have taken :) :)

    I'm sorry you have had to take these actions, especially as I can guess who the people are, and they are old enough and have been on this site long enough to know better !!!!

    We are all here for one reason, and one reason only !!!!! to quit smoking !!!!!

    I dooooo hope you dont have to do this again Emjay :) :) hmmm I think maybe that cuppa's gone cold now :( so I will just have to do with a cannie :P :D :D :D Take care now Emjay and enjoy the rest of your day :)

    Pete :)

  • Okey dokey, Yep, let's draw a line. but I have tried and failedto start a blog! Gremlins or me, I don't know, is if someone else can have a go :)

  • Shall I try, because this is all so sad :(

  • Hi Emjay and all :)

    Great, very sensible as always !

    Well yesterday at Wembley ! What can I say? On the edge of oiur seats the whole time, and the team I support didn't win, but if it couldn't, then I can't think of a better one toi take the cup home. It will really lift Wigan's spirits, they did so well.

    You would be amazed and delighted at how few people smoke, and I mean outside the stadium, after a hairraising, very very stressful match. I can remember when it would have been a fog of smoke inside and out. But no more :)

    Have a great smoke free afternoon all. Time for me to get cooking :)


  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry I've not been on here the past few days I've missed you all. I wasn't feeling too well, I just wish the doctors would hurry up and fix me, I don't see the consultant till the end of next month so will just have to carry on as best i can.

    I've got loads to catch up with, i see a few new names here, so i just want to add my welcome to this wonderul site :) I hope your all doing brilliantly :)

    I'm away to put the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa, or a coffee :)

  • Hi GrannySue

    Really sorry that you've been under the weather and especially not nice when you don't know what's wrong but hopefully being on here amongst friends will cheer you up and give you a lift - not literally but sure you know what I mean.

    How is Nairn? and just as important how is Mum? Both well I hope - has he got good lungs? Hope you've had plenty of cuddles - cuddles are wonderful - and has he grown much?

    Tea will be super thank you - milk but no sugar and as I've just had the traditional Sunday lunch (without lumpy gravy) cooked by my own fair hand, I will pass on the biscuit if you don''t mind.

    You take it easy being a Grandma is very tiring so put your feet up whilst you sup your cuppa and relax.

    Lovely that you're back on the board and hope to catch you later.

    Take care and bye for now.

    Luv and hug


  • Aupppppp GrannySue :) :)

    Am so sorry you havnt been feeling too good gal :( I aint half missed ya and I hope you feel better soon :)

    Huh, have just cracked a can open gal, but hey !! I can still have a slurp with you GrannySue :) :D :D

    You put your feet up and relax :) speak soon :)

  • Hiya Pete,

    How you doin, a lot better i hope :)

    I'll join you, here's a toast to all off us beating nic

    4.bp.blogspot.com/-RTnwVNAd... :) :D xx

  • Am with ya there gal :P :P slurp :D :D xx

  • Hi Kath,

    It's great to be back on here again, feel like I've been away for years :o :D :D

    Nairn and mum are doing great, he doesn't cry much, she is so lucky, he does pout like she used to though :D :D

    fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.... :)

    Here's you cuppa


    Take care Kath :) xxx

  • Hi Granny Sue

    Ohh that cuppa has just hit the right spot - thank you. Thirsty work typing.

    So glad that mum and baby Nairn are doing OK and bless his little cotton socks if he's not much of a one for crying - pouting I'm sure you can both cope with, crying sometimes is extremely hard.

    Always remember to ask after grandma, mum and baby Nairn but never the menfolk so to correct that anomlay, how are dad and granddad? Pleased and proud as punch I bet! Something that we all at sometime forget that there are men involved as well.

    You take care of yourself and hope you feel that little bit better as the day goes on.

    Luv and a :) for you.


  • Hiya Kath :)

    Sorry havnt spoke to you for a bit gal :( these flippin late shifts am on at the moment :P :(

    I hope the car show went off ok last weekend :) and all your hard work was rewarded :) :) Take care gal :)

    Pete :)

  • I know what you mean Kath, I always forget about the men :o :D.

    Dad is off on paternity leave so mum has to get in quick to feed Nairn etc. cause he nearly always gets there first :D :D I told her to enjoy the rest before he goes back to work :) xx

  • It's a lovely pic of Nairn Sue :) :)

    It wont be long before he's running about causing havoc :o :D :D

    I was born with alot of hair, but I was blonde up till I was about 3 months old, then it went brown :o :|

  • Sue, some men are forgetable but others are not and I'm glad they do leave now for Dad's because they need to bond as well as Mum. Nice that they share the work cos as you say when he's back at work the days just won't seem to have enough hours in them.

    Well, I've taken up enough of your time so you relax and enjoy the rest of the day - probably catch you later on.

    A big :) for you.


  • I'll see you later Kath, i'm not doing anything today so i'll probably keep popping on here :)

    love and hugs :) xxx

  • A lady of leisure! so now I'm doubly jealous!

  • Just for today Kath :D :D to recharge my batteries, we all need that now and again :)

  • meant to add, that is my excuse and i'm sticking to it :D

  • Now that if I say so myself is a very good exc.. no wrong word reason for a day of leisure.

    Just be care though Sue I don't want you recharging yourself too much so that you overflow!

  • Will definitely have to slow my fingers down :O as it should read:

    Just be careful though .....

  • I see your the opposite of me, your fingers type to quick, mine sometimes can't keep up with my brain :o then it all goes wrong :)

  • I always refer to that as 'vicci versi' which I think has a lovely 'ring' to it.

  • That is lovely, think I'll pinch that saying from you, if you don't mind :)

  • The pleasure is mine to give it to you and I am so glad I have brough a smile to your face. :)


  • awwe thanks Kath :)

  • You're welcome and it is my pleasure!

  • :D :D :D :D :D

  • Hi Pete,

    Sam was the same as Nairn, she we born with lots of black hair and it went brown :)

    She'll soon know all about it when he's a toddler :D you need eyes in the back of your head :D :D

  • And the side and the top and a couple more would come in very handy!

    He's gorgeous and I'm jealous!



  • :D :D I love it mad :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Aup John :)

    I dont know John :o erm you have to submit your E-mail address, so unless you have multiple E-mail addresses, I cant see it myself !!

    Emjay is the one to ask I think :)

    Have you got any results back for Amor yet ??

  • Yes I know what you mean Mad, 1s enough for me toooo :o :D :D

  • Perhaps its best to leave site admin a message then and ask them the question !!

    It is a public site, so I would suspect that they would have all the usual security in place :)

  • Hi all,

    By eck 'tis proper chilly today, I just can't seem to get warm! Hope that I'm not getting a dreaded cold!

    Sorry to hear that you're under the weather Sue, get your feet up and rest young lady! A friend of mine came out of hospital on Friday just gone, she's been in hospital for the last 9 weeks, apart from a week when she was home after being discharged a tad too early! She's had pancreatitis, which affected her stomach, kidneys, liver, gall bladder and bowel! She ended up with abscesses in her bowel and lost 4 stones in weight. I spoke to her today and she was cleaning, had been shopping for 3 hours yesterday! I told her not to overdo it and put her feet up!

    Hey up Albert, oops I mean Paul, or is it Pete....:) smiles sweetly...hope that you're doing okay chuck!

    John...Hope that you get the test results back for Amor soon!

    Mad...Love the 'Sony Baby Call!', made me giggle...good to see you're still erm...mad as a box of frogs, but cute with it :)

    Well, I'd best be off for now, making a chicken curry for tea and am making a casserole for tomorrows tea...

    Laters, have a great evening!

    Jan xx

  • Hi Jan,

    It's great to hear from you :) I hope things are going great for you :)

    Sorry to hear about your friend, I know how painful that is, my feet are firmly up today, getting all the rest i need before i have to start babysitting duties :)

    Chicken curry is yummy, think i'll come to yours for my tea :D :D :)

    Have a great relaxing evening :) xx

  • Yoo Hoo Sue,

    Am so glad that you're getting some rest! It can be so easy to overdo things and it sets you back!

    Your grandson is a real cutie!

    Am doing great thanks, can't believe it'll be 9 months stopped for me on 1st June!

    I haven't been about for a while, but the times when I have logged on there have been somewhat 'unpleasant' posts, which haven't inspired me to chit chat.

    You would be more than welcome to tea Sue, but alas by the time you get here, it will be all gone!

    Back to chopping....

    Jan xx

  • Aup Sam,Dan erm I meant Jan, its lovely to see ya gal :) :)

    Am just off to pick GrannySue up and we'l be sat down at your dinner table before you know it gal :o :) Hmmmm just love chickles curry :P yum :P flippin yum :D :D :D

  • I'm heading your way Pete :D :D

  • Hi Jan,

    Congratulations for 1st of June :) that's amazing getting to 9 months, way to go :) :)

    It's okay I'm hurrying there, puff puff, should get to you soon

    encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/... :D :D

  • Thanks Sue!

    Curry will be dished up at 7pm, so get your skates on you two!

    Mad, am loving the 'Box of Frogs'! Ha! Made me chuckle that did!

  • Erm whats the box of frogs for then :o :| :D :D

  • Nice one gal :D :D

  • Me and Pete are nearly there, we just have to finish our show first

    mommypoppins.com/files/imag... :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D no, not yet, i'll wait till i fall and break something :D:D

  • GrannySue,

    You look younger every day gal :) :) Hmmm saying that, so do I :D :D :D

  • so we do Pete, well they do say age is just a number :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • I will have you know Mad, that when I dance I do not stand on toes :P and norrrrr would i let Sue go, when I'm flinging her around :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • :P :P

  • Hey Pete I'd love to see you trying not to drop me

    images.crestock.com/50000-5... :D :D :D

  • Just checking that everyone is OK before I switch off for today - going to watch a bit of telly with my other half seen as we've only met up twice, once at breakfast and once at dinner so we'll have a bit of tea together then watch the goggle box and then bed as it's my big day tomorrow and work on top. Oh well, such is life.

    Have a nice evening everyone and when you retire for the night, sweet dreams for all.

    See you all tomorrow - full of vim and vigour I hope after the relaxation of two days off!

    Luv, hug and a big :)


  • Nite nite Kath, and sweet dreams to you too :)

    Enjoy your tea and watching tv with your other half :) and a massive good luck for tomorrow gal :) :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • nite nite Kath, hope you have a lovely evening, see you tomorrow

    love and hugs :) xx

  • Had a bit of a problem logging in this evening but got there in the end. Night night all.

  • Oh, Amor and Vida are just about to settle down so they send a few chirps too :-)

  • Hey John, you changed your hair style or what :o :|

    Nite nite John, and chirp chirp to Amor & Vida :)

    Pete :)

  • Same hair, new colours :-)

  • John I would like to send you a PM if I may :)

  • No need to ask!

  • Tooooo late cos ave sent it :o

    I would like your feedback please :) :)

    Got to go to bed now John, so I will say good night to ya, and I hope you have the most lovely dreams ever pal :) :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

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