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keep going

trying to find ways to keep my mind occupied so i dont think about smoking i now do a jigsaw in the mornings when i get up so i make my porridge get a cup off coffee and sit doing that before i have to get ready for work to think i used to have 5 fags before i even had a shower now i have one puff on my e-cig. so i just have to keep going i just keep having to think of positives for giving up and i am hoping that by writing a blog and getting help from all of you on here i can keep going thank you

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Hi limes. You are doing great. :-) It will amaze you how quickly the number of fags you would have smoked adds up, plus all the dosh you will save. :-) Changing your routine and keeping busy helped me. I am a cross stitch addict and always have sewing on the go to keep my hands occupied. Keep going, stay strong......you are doing this woo hoo! :D :D :D


Hi Chocolatelimes, you're doing fab :-) Well done to you for putting an effective strategy into place, you're a true winner :-)

Whilst blogging away to help yourself, you are also helping others too. Keep up the good efforts :-)


Hi Limes. I liked reading your blog, you should keep it up, good for you and good for us too :)

You are doing great!

Doing the jigsaw is a really good idea like the cross stitch I guess, because you can keep going back to it, and it grows, so a result too.

I haven't found my thing yet, except using this site and checking mails etc. On this phone. I think I need something else though. It isn't right to be checking it as much as I do, and can be a bit dispiriting when there's nothing there.

Driving my husband crazy, and me a bit too.

I've got loads of wool. My friend died just before Xmas. , and I was helping her husband sort out. She was always busy sewing, knitting, making cards and doing crafts. I did start a jumper, but I am not good finishing things unless it's for work. The work I do is mostly on the computer, and I used to smoke a lot, thinking breaks, so it seems to take longer now, as I don't feel as if I am thinking so well, and get quite stressed and, well, a scared feeling. I can't seem to find a good replacement, but the inhalator helps.

I'll keep looking.

Have a good night. Just going to watch TV then bed and a good book!



Hi Limes,

You seem to be doing really well. I use an e-cig and although I stopped smoking in January I am still using mine far more than a lot of people seem to so you should be pleased with yourself, I think.

I think it does take the mind a lot longer to adjust for some people. That is my experience, so far. It feels odd, but the benefits are boundless really. I am glad I found this site because I only know one other person who has given up smoking, so it's nice to link up with so many others who have or are trying to.



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