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Three weeks cold turkey

Three weeks cold turkey

Hi everyone and welcome to my weekly quit-log thing; as you can see from the picture this week has not been easy. I've been totally "wired" all week. I do like to keep this blog positive to try to help others; I know my midweek ramblings can be a little tangential to say the least, but I am trying to help. Quitting smoking is really hard as I'm sure all who read this will appreciate. It doesn't help that I'm having trouble sleeping at the moment but I gather that's quite normal, it's not all nicotine's fault as I was working shifts up to a couple of months ago which can mess up your sleep pattern. My smokefree ticker on my computer says that "Stopping smoking could add ten years to your life" . This seems like a bad idea at the moment.

Will write again next week


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Hi Martin, yes it is tough at the beginning, but you're doing really well. I think we've all been there with the shouting and screaming bit. :o I managed it cold turkey - my crutch was mints. The evenings were worst and I couldn't stop shovelling in the crisps, nuts and chocolates then - oh, and extra savoury rubbish during the day. :o Now trying hard to finally lose all that excess weight. ;-)

You are strong and you can do this. :)


Hi Martin. Don't worry about not coming across as positive, I'm never positive :) am definitely from the "glass is half empty" line of thinking. I totally understand what you mean when you say adding an extra 10 years to the misery you're going through at the moment doesn't sound encouraging. madimad is right, there's no harm in trying some NRT. If it doesn't do anything for you then just bin it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Can I just say, never think that its not helpful to some people to say you're suffering and feeling negative. If someone else happens to be feeling the same way when they read it, you've helped them to know they're not on their own, then all the positive people can then help them to know that it's possible to get through the other side in one piece and come out smiling. If it's any consolation I've felt like you do since I stopped on 26th January, finally today I think I'm coming out the other side - yayyyyy. Good luck, and never give up giving up.


Hi Martin

You probably know I'm not always feeling happy clappy and positive, so when I am it's a bonus, and I love it. Keep the faith! (Whatever that means!) I think I mean, you are doing great,:), more than great, doing stupendously well. I wish I could be there to tell you soan and get you your favourite bevvy, or whatever. Be kind to yourself, you can be proud, and if you can treat yourself, do, imagine you're your own best friend, looking out for you.

I don't have your strength and use a lot of crutches with the NRT. It's still very tough going at times, after all, it's changing a whole way of doing things as well as the nicotine addiction - helluva double whammy! And everyone knows big changes are hard, it slants and does things with the way you think. Sometimes. Then comes a good clear bit, that's nice.

I hope you get a peaceful clear patch very soon. Take care of yourself, you are doing the hardest thing, and succeeding, even if it doesn't always feel that way. And you are giving me strength through my screams :) Thank you, it is really appreciated :)


Well done Martin, I remember how I felt at three weeks, keep positive you will soon be at three months like me. You are very brave doing it cold turkey, but don't struggle get help if you need it. Keep up the good fight and you will win in the end.


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