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feeling really good about quitting

HI all, sorry haven't been on for along time, feeling very positive to keep going, nearly 4 months now, can not believe it myself It doesn't bug me so much now, During the day I often think GEE a cig would be nice, but the feeling does go away and my brain doesn't seem to keep saying oh yes you do, So i think i have killed the demon on my left shoulder I pray I have. My trick word still works for me "I don't want that GUILT anymore". Keep going everyone if you fall down pick yourself up and keep trying.

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Hi Miracle, 4 months is excellent, well done you.

Your last sentence reminds me of that old song 'pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again'

If you look at the great sports champions that is exactly what they do. They don't let setbacks derail them, they keep focused on the goal and if they stumble, they move on and learn how they can do better.


Just keep going to achieve what you think is not achievable


Hi Miracle , Lovely to hear from you again. So good your still quit. 4 months is fantastic. I am sure your post will encourage others to quit. well done.



Aup Miracle :)

Thats great stuff :) cant flippin fault ya, you stick with it, cos 4 Months is ace :) :)

You stick to your route, cos your a true none smoker :) :) Please keep us posted on how you are doing eh :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Thank you Pete, I truely never thought this would be me, and everyday presents new challengers but I'm determined have a good night


Hi miracle, 4 months is excellent. You've got your head in the right place. Yes, you really do have to tell yourself these things and talk to yourself for success. Embrace your new challenges. Onwards and upwards! Andi. :)


Hi Andy. I use to think I need my ciggie in the morning, I wake up slower in the morning and it really is much better than getting up as soon as I open my eyes to have a smoke lol have a good smoke free day


Miracle, I have to agree with Andi - you most certainly have got your head in the right place :-) and if at any time, for any reason you find that you have a little wobble and your head falls off, remember that it's only temporary and the important thing is how you deal with it.

Those nicotine receptors of yours will be finally put to rest any time now but may throw up any last attempts to hook you back in. If this does happen, see it as your gold card to reaching the next level. Stay focused and remember you are doing this :D

You are doing fantastic :D


4 months is awesome, you should be so proud of yourself, we all are : ) Keep winning and smiling. Well done!


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