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Seven Day Quit Wobble

I've managed to reach day 7 of my lovely cold turkey quit and been okay with it until today. Today I feel as if I have that cartoon Devil on one shoulder and Angel on the other however I've discovered that the Devil is so much more cunning and convincing than the sweet little thing that says 'dear, you have done so well, don't spoil it now'. I never realised that quitting smoking would cause me to develop two personalities and I would end up continually talking to myself! My biggest fear is that this is not a common reaction to smoking cessation and I am in fact uncovering a side of my character I never knew existed.

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Hi LilyMay and welcome and many, many congrats on day 7.

You are most definitely not alone and it is quite possible that they will appear more frequently for a little while but honestly, they do go away.

Stay strong and join in with the chat or just blog even if it is only to scream and shout and let it all out - it's amazing how much better one feels after doing this!

Keep up the good work - you can do this.



Hi LilyMay. Congratulations 7 days is great. I understand how you feel. I'm 6 weeks today and usually a very quiet calm person. But seriouly there are time that I would give a punch bag a run for its money. Welcome to the site and as Kath said Join us whenever you need us. Stay stong You are doing this.

Sue xx


welcome to quit support Lily may. well done on making a decision on quitting. You have managed to go a week and that is brilliant. The main thing is to keep yourself busy so you don't have chance for these feelings to come to a head. Emjay our advisor is only too willing to help. Meanwhile stay positive and if you wish join in our daily chat. Have a browse at the quit support blogs to glean information. Take care. xxxx :)


Thanks everyone, it's amazing just knowing you're not there fretting on your own helps keep that little devil at bay.....oh and learning how to crochet :) xx


Hi Lilymay

Many congratulations. The first week is so tough, and you did it, that is tremendous!

Know what you mean, you could have been talking about me - spooky! :)

Mostly I have done OK, then someone else (me too!) steps in and tries to call the shots!

Good friends above have all given the great advice, and have helped me so much.

The main thing is, don't feed the monster! Keep so busy it doesn't get a look in :)

Have a great smoke free night



Hi Lilymay

Firstly well done and keep it up.

I can only wish of talking to myself.

My problem is shouting at myself.

Shouting and grunting. Lol

I do it in the car and on my bike.

But I am still in the fight ,13 weeks tomorrow .

I will be going for a game of golf.

The things I call that little white ball is embarrassing.

Good luck



I wondered who the cyclist behind our car was talking to :D I said to my Husband " look at that poor man talking and shouting to himself " , there for the grace of God go I.

Good luck Kevin your doing really well, your weekend away shouldnt be to far off now.



When I left work this evening I was convinced I was going to have a slip. Now, thanks to all of you, I can happily say I'm away to my bed having completed day 7 smoke free :) You are all very inspiring with how well you have done! Thank you :) x


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