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Just two days left!

AST's Transplant Advocacy Award: https://www.myast.org/about-ast/membership/ast-...

AST Transplant Advocacy Award

Nominate someone today who has made contributions to the transplant community. L...

1 year Post liver transplant seeking communication with other 1 year post transplant recipients.

I am 1 year post liver transplant. Feeling great and very strong too. Only iss...

God is the greatest

Those who leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in every...

Team Share a Spare Website

My friend Janice Crago (a kidney donor) has developed a website to help potentia...
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The American Society of Transplantation, a society for transplant professionals, has developed Power2Save as a... Read more
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Power2Save is raising funds for transplant research, creating resources for transplant recipients, and advocating for affordable care.