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2020 US Transplant Games in NJ


Having attended 9 of the past 11 US Transplant Games (sidelined in the last two due to knee and hip replacements), I am looking forward to competing again as they come to my home state of New Jersey this Summer. Everyone, myself included, rate them as one of the defining moments of our post-transplant lives, being in a community of like organ recipients, so we all feel 'normal' there. Are you coming? If yes, how can we connect there as members of this HealthUnlocked group, finally connecting face-to-face? I do so hope to see you all there in good health, having fun and showing the world that transplantation works thus inspiring the world to sign up as organ donors.

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Hi, Jim! So happy to hear that you are planning to attend yet another Transplant Games! The American Society of Transplantation does plan to attend as an organization this Summer, as well. For all those who are unfamiliar with the Transplant Games or would like a little more information, go to transplantgamesofamerica.org/

It will take place at the American Dream in the Meadowlands, NJ in July 2020. We will post more information closer to the summertime for everyone, too. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing :)

How about setting up a topic for the 2020 Games to get these games related posts in an easy place to find & follow?

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Fantastic idea, Jim!

Jim, the 2020 Transplant Games in NJ should be great! I wish you the very best of luck! 👍🏻

I too am planning to attend and compete, primarily to honor my ♻️ #donorhero and his family 💐 for the ultimate #giftoflife. It'll be my very first of many (I hope). I'm looking forward to meeting other blessed recipients and their families, in addition to the many amazing donor families and respected donors from all over!

I urge all those who aren't registered to donate organs and tissues, to please visit

➡️ registerme.org/ to #savealife

#forevergrateful for 💙 #DonateLife 💚

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