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Have you answered the latest poll?


On the right-hand side panel, you should see a poll titled "What is your connection to transplantation?"

We would love to know who you identify as and which roles make up our online community!

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I don't see that poll???

in reply to GleasonJim

Hi, Jim! I have updated this post with a visual that I captured of my home screen in the Power2Save Community. You can see the question on the bottom right hand corner of the screenshot I took!

(repeating my REPLY here in hopes it may help others to find this interesting poll)

Thanks for that reply that allowed me to find the poll. Interestingly enough, thenotification e-mail alerting me to your REPLY took me (as before) to a view that didn't include that poll (again) - it linked to the POSTS page view. After searching hard, guided by the graphic you shared, I finally found it on the site's HOME page. In your e-mail you mentioned that this was a capture of your HOME screen, which was the missing clue once I did find it. Thanks Izabella! I voted now (1 of 2 votes to date)

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