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WELCOME! Feel free to introduce yourself!


Hello, all! Let's kick off by introducing ourselves. For your first post, we encourage you to tell us a few things about yourself!

1. Your name (only if you feel comfortable sharing)

2. Your connection to transplant (Recipient, donor, caregiver, family member)

3. What is something that makes you really happy? :) (Your family, pets, hobbies, etc.)

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BetterKidney4MeWelcoming Committee

Greetings to all this holiday season. My name is Jean Mihich and I am a 2x kidney transplant recipient. At this time of year, feelings of immense gratitude fill my mind, heart and soul. How fortunate to have had the gift of live given to me twice. My medical story is long as illness and damage to my kidneys occurred in infancy. But the miracle of a “healthy” life happened received a kidney from my brother when I was 37 years old and then again when I was 64 years old from a 22 month old baby who’s short life was compromised by a myriad of illnesses. So gratitude is a daily awareness. Although my kidney is fine, I now face issues of T-cell large granular lymphocytic leukemia and receive blood transfusions every 3 weeks. But aren’t I blessed that those unsung heroes who donate blood, now keep me alive as I face this issue. So my life is still filled by the gift of life through blood donors. Grazie Dio!

But there is so much I do daily to keep an open and generous outlook through yoga, reiki healings, walking in nature, and cooking and sharing the bounty of this form of creativity with friends and family. I also want to say that thought out these many years of being medically challenged art, music and theatre have served such a rewarding environment for wellness. The beauty of the arts is what constantly feeds my life to get up and put one foot in front of the other each day. I wish you all a very happy holiday season filled with beauty of family and friends with a positive outlook towards the future. Warmest wishes, Jean

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It is so nice to hear from you, Jean. I love hearing that through it all you have found joy in art and forms of holistic wellness. Thank you for sharing your story!