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"Our Medicare policy for kidney transplants is totally irrational"


Check out an article in the Washington Post written by AST Board member Dr. John Gill and his colleague Dr. Marcello Tonelli: washingtonpost.com/opinions...

Summary: Kidney transplant recipients who are not otherwise eligible for Medicare lose their coverage 36 months after they receive their transplant — leaving many unable to pay for immunosuppressive medications.

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BetterKidney4MeWelcoming Committee

Thanks Rae for sending this article from The Washington Post. This isn't new news as I remember, when I had my first kidney transplant back at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, that hospital would help patients by supplying the medication required. People could not afford the medications then, which was in 1987, and is still true today. Shame on the US for not providing low cost immunosuppressive drugs through the Medicare Program. Unfortunately I do not see the light at the end of this tunnel providing low cost or free immunosuppressive medication for the transplant community. Nor do I see pharmaceutical companies stepping up to the plate to help make a difference for patients.

BetterKidney4me, thanks for this response. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Our government seems to be dismissive of its citizens unless they are wealthy and influential.

BetterKidney4MeWelcoming Committee
in reply to WillietheWhip

Thanks WillietheWhip for your comment. Yes, unfortunate for all the many people who are ill and can't afford either the treatments nor the medications. Shame on the USA to deny their citizens basic health care and no or low cost and medications too!

mscushWelcoming Committee

Yes, this is true, Just happened to my husband. He is 63 had his transplant in Dec 2014. Ws just notified his Medicare coverage ended and he is not eligible until he turns 65. How does he get his immune suppressant medications or his diabetic meds and high blood pressure meds without insurance?

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