Pudendal Nerve decompression in Nantes

I have had symptoms of pudendal nauralgia for nearly 3 years with a positive but shortlived response to nerve blocks that I had in the last 6 months (performed in London). I am hoping to travel to Nantes for surgery and had a few questions for those that have already been there. Do the doctors there speak fluent English? Can you recommend a good hotel close to their clinic and what is the approximate cost for bilateral pudendal nerve decompression surgery?

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  • Hi,

    There are lots of hotels ( ranging from cheap 50/60 Euros to expensive 100 Euros + ) in the centre of Nantes which is where the University hospital is located. You could search on Booking.com.

    Catfish on here can tell you what the cost is, you can e-mail/pm her on here.

  • Hi sorry to ask a dumb question but is there nowhere in the UK that does the same thing. I am concerned that I may need this treatment but can't afford it done privately and wondered if theer was any way round that

    Thanks for any advice


  • The team in France have much more experience than anyone in the UK.

    As far as I know, the surgery is not available on the NHS.

  • HI, I think I might need this surgery? Ive had all the symptoms for now 10 years. I was wondering about france and this surgery and success rates for men?? do you have any insight?

  • Dr Gareth Greenslade is a pain management consultant in Bristol. He has been to Nantes and has a surgical colleague who has been to Nantes to train in their surgical techique for pudendal nerve decompression.

    I saw Dr Greenslade privately in Dec 2012 in Bristol. I found him a caring compassionate person. He did a diagnostically successful nerve block and I had a few glorious pain-free hours before the local anaesthetic wore off. The corticosteroid component has not helped at all. My GP was happy to make an NHS referral and I have an out-patient appointment with Dr Greenslade mid-March. I will take it from there and see whether my PCT will fund a referral for surgery in Bristol if that seems appropriate. I live in a different area with a separate PCT. I will let you all know what happens.

  • Thank you for your response. I will do the same if the nerve blocks dont work. I wish you all the best


  • Hi, I had bilateral decompression surgery in Nantes in 2012. The cost was about 6,00 euro and yes they did speak English but I would suggest that you word your questions in a simple manner as they do not understand everything. They were very helpful once you got past his secretary who in our opinion is anti Brits. I wrote a letter in English then waited several weeks for a reply which never came and Prof Robert said he had no knowledge of it.

    I expected to go to France for tests and Steroid injections first but they do not use the steroid treatment any more and go straight to surgery so 1 week after we arrived I was in theatre and it all came a bit too fast for me. The success rate was explained as lower than I had first been told. I was not one of the lucky ones but I have a complex problem which involves the cluneal nerves as well which means walking also brings on my pains.

    Gather all the information you can before making a decision about surgery. It appears that there are doctors and physios in UK who do understand our problems, I was not aware of this when I went to France.

    Hope you find the right answers and get help, regards Marion

  • May I just say something here as I have been a patient in Nantes and dealt with Professor Robert and his secretary - she is most certainly not anti-British. Far from it. Remember when you enter into another Country one has to try to be very calm and have a go even if it is just ''Bonjour Madame Lafrancoise'' and a big smile even if you are suffering as it goes a long long way to help you. If you write a letter to a French Surgeon or Doctor in English they will not reply to it straight away - they may have to get it translated. I have always tried my best at getting an important letter translated into French before going to see them.

    yes I am sure there must be Surgeons and Dr's in England.


  • Good for you. Good human behavior will always prevail. You have reinforced my idea to take my wife to France. A helpful if not obvious tip to have your letters translated pre posting or a lap top to do it for you.

  • Hi , sorry but is that 6,000 euros or 600 euros , the placement of the comma is confusing my pain med brain lol. I want to see dr Greenslade because 8 years of cluneal nerve entrapment and being told ...." It's like you have to have an amputation, there is nothing you can do, just accept it is what it is " ... Basically nothing can be done for the pain. I want to consider the decompression surgery in Nantes but need to know the estimated cost. Plus, was the referral to France / Nantes through Dr Greenslade ? Thank you !!!!

  • Hello! I have just joined the website, do you still need help with details about Nantes? Let me know if you do. I would be interested about your current condition. I have been having the same problems with my father. He has already done 2 visits to the Nantes clinic and in August he's having nerve decompression surgery.


  • Hello there. Please look at my profile under my 2cv1964. Read my posts re ''I had Decompression surgery in Nantes... there are 7 now as I have just written one after just returning from my 6th month post op appointment.

    I hope you have seen Dr Riant - the most wonderful pain specialist I have ever seen. Dr Riant speaks English and so does Professor Robert the surgeon. They are not fluent but make a dam good effort at it and are extremely patient.

    Take care.

    P.S. yes I know of a hotel 10 mins walk from the hospital where my Mother stayed so she could visit me.

    kind regards,


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