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I have been suffering with chronic pain which the drs think is caused my adhesion's, i have had three ectopic pregnancies, one of which resulted in surgery the other two were treated with medication. 4 Miscarriages, and five operations on my stomach, which the drs think has resulted in adhesion's, The pain is unbearable and i have been hospitalised on numerous occasions, with no dr's willing to help me other than pumping me full of drugs. I finally found a consultant who is willing to preform an operation to remove the adhesion's but it keeps getting cancelled, i just want to know what i am meant to do, im sure that people think that the pain is all in my head, but some days its so bad that i cant even get out of bed, this is ruining my life and i would really appreciate some information.

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What were the abdominal surgeries for and which hospital/surgeon are you seeing ? have you read the adhesions page on our website ?

We may be able to suggest someone who could help


Hi sorayaquartz,

I can reallysympathize with you as i can really say i understand how you feel. I am on a cocktail of medication and havebeen for so many different investigations. My GP says that i am still under investigation even though i have been told by the hysterectomy consultant that i have adhesions due to having a hysterectomy...

I am under a Pain Management programme which is due to start in a few weeks its something that should help my mind set to my new life as i have had to change my whole career i used to be a City Girl but have now been told that i can no longer travel on public transport eg trains/tube as i have to use stairs. I have been given a back brace and walking stick to help in my management of pain as it has affected my walking and a lot of lower back pain..

This all came from having endometriosis and fibroids so i had the hysterecomy after going through all the laparoscopies, injections, pills etc..

Do look at JudyB's adhesion page on the Pelvic Pain Support Network website as both my husband and I found it very interesting and very very helpful.

Dont forget to have a look at my blog also.

Stay in touch and do air to me whe you wish as i know the feeling and so so glad i found / came across this website :) I actually found this website by chance as i was searching the web for some answers :) The adhesions page is brilliant, well done JudyB :)

Miche x


Glad it's useful. This is the link:

Also this is an article we published with a team in Germany that were doing similar work to us. Our input to the article was based on an online survey on this website a few years ago about information provided to patients before surgery. This is a short summary of the published article.


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