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pelvic pain!

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I am 22 years old and for the last 2 years I have been suffering with pelvic pain that comes and goes. Sometimes it is a niggling pain that is only just noticeable but constant. Sometimes just in the left side but also have had on the right side. Had a ultrasound over a year ago and results came back clear. More recently I have been experiencing bloating of my tummy which is present from the minute I wake up to when I go to bed. My gland in my groin appears to be swollen which my go also checked and agreen it is swollen, I am paranoid that this could be something sinister as I havent recently been unwell so can’t thing of any reason for them to be swollen? also and I have a dull achey pressure feeling there along with pelvis pain. Sometimes I also get a stitch kind of pain around my belly button. I suffer with general anxiety but my mind is going over and over on what this could be as I have had drs mention PID, endo, (have had heavier than usual periods) uti’s. I just want to get to the bottom of it as it’s consumint my life at the moment. Might also be worth mentioning that I have always suffered with thrush/bv. Have now been advised to have a blood test and am being referred for another ultrasound. I am trying to stay off google as am automatically thinking the worst.

Any advice or personal experiences would be appreciated! Thanks xxx

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Hi Dear,

you not alone... we are in the same boat :(

we have the same pain..

i do get constant pain.. siting down & laying down to bed are so difficult.

my lower abdomen hurt so much.. my back started to leg, my arm. yes i also think the worst .. could it be PID ( in my situations ) etc

I will arrange for a laps surgery in January..

I just had hystreocopy during the weekend, Dr thought my polyps caused me pain, but they found small polyps and Dr thought that doesnt cause any pain

*sorry for my english*

keep in touch and i hope you will be OK soon

I have just sent for Candizolv and threelac. If you suffer from thrush you could have candidiasis. It’s a bit expensive but I’ve had this pain for eight years, been suicidal seen seventeen consultants, three operations. I’m giving this a go. See the Finchley clinic if in U.K. good luck

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I googled Threelac and found that some countries have withdrawn it due to one of the strains of bacteria contained therein and the potential health concern. It’s up to you of course if you’d like to check this for yourself.

I have similar pain that is like an ache in the groin and then like a stitch near belly button. I believe it is a tight psoas muscle. Have your illiopsoas checked by a physio or a neuromuscular specialist. Hope you feel better soon.

I have had many of the symptoms you describe. I too recommend physical therapy for a tight psoas muscle. Also you should have tests done by a gastroenterologist to see if you have food allergies or lactose or fructose intolerance. I too had bloating, which worsened my pelvic pain. Then I discovered I was lactose and fructose intolerant, changed my diet and rarely experience bloating now. Making the necessary dietary changes can lessen your pelvic pain

I've begun to think mine is caused by inflammation, which is caused by certain additives in "healthy" foods -- vegetable gums such as xantham and carrageenan. Eliminating them has helped.

It sounds like it could be PID, but they should be treating it straight away regardless of waiting for tests if it’s suspected.

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