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What actually describes the pain for a prolapse.. with my genital area..most say a dragging sensation I have burning like ache all the time

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Bladder Prolapse actual pain can someone describe their own symptoms of pain

Dragging is mentioned

But I experience the feel of burning and dull aching which I think is connected to my vagina .. and the feeling of wanting to pee occasionally

It just confuses me to believe what’s wrong with me..

Although doctor confirmed bladder prolapse.. possibly stage 1 or 2

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As I replied to your other post, you need to consider vaginal atrophy, this can cause burning, soreness, feelings similar to a uti, dragging, aching pelvis, thighs and back, the list is endless.You could try a vaginal moisturiser like YesVM to see if it helps but you need to give it time to work. Or ask your GP for Vagifem which is the standard treatment and this helps to strengthen the vaginal tissue which in turn helps the prolapse and will treat the atrophy.

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Mrshappyme in reply to bantam12

hi ,i have you a pressary ring in ? i do but iv got a uti infection never had them in my life untill i had the prolapse

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bantam12 in reply to Mrshappyme

Nope and I don't want one as they often cause even more problems. I did have an HRT ring for a few years which was good but if wasn't for the prolapse.I have found a mix of Pilates, topical HRT to strengthen everything up and moisturiser has kept me symptom free for several years.

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Hihope in reply to bantam12

As I lay on bed and text this

My genital area is throbbing

(Well up inside )

Did the HRT ring have any support for your prolapse Whilst you had it.. even though it was not for that purpose

can you tell me ....

“what is Pilates “

do you mean cream HRT..

I thought they didn’t like using HRT things.. I read up it wasn’t good later in life . 65yr and

and over..

I’m 62..

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bantam12 in reply to Hihope

Have you been checked for atrophy ? It's such a common and overlooked/ignored problem. You should try some moisturiser and see if it helps with the discomfort inside but I would recommend only YesVM as it's less likely to cause a reaction. The ring may have been a bit of support but it wasn't meant for that.

Pilates is a form of exercise and it's particularly good for pelvic floor and core strength but it must be taught by an instructor trained in pelvic floor and prolapse.

Vagifem if a vaginal tablet HRT and because it's topical very safe as minuscule amount if any absorbed, women use it no matter how old.

There are so many topical hrt's in various forms it can take a while to find one that suits but they definitely work at strengthening things up especially if the prolapse is minor.

I'm now 66 and been at this since my mid 40s, I have no worries at all about trying whatever it takes to get rid of the symptoms, I'm seeing an amazingly good Gynae which is a nice change as many are useless.

My symptoms are the dragging lump feelings like a tampon not inserted high enough is the closest description l can think of. It also is a bit like constipation sort of feeling. I get bloated and so much wind it's a wonder l cant fly.

Your post made me laugh, I can relate! It is very painful towards evening to be that bloated, usally every night.

hi have you a pressary ring in ? i used to have that when i get a uti infection .

I also have cycstocele and rectocele prolapse. Does anyone ever get a heavy feeling in their legs when walking?

I'm glad l made you laugh what else can we do! Yes l think alot get the heavy leg feelings. I find it's best to do active stuff earlier in the day. If you can walk on your hands instead you'd be find all day.😁 By evening you have been on your feet the longest so that's the problem. I find if l want to go out in the evening l try to have a quiet day beforehand. I also find as l like dancing to rock music that as long as l have a seat l can dance to quite a bit with sit downs inbetween. l try not to go to places where you have to stand up all the time. I am trying to adjust my life to enjoy it best l can. I did the moping crying bit now I'm trying the I'm going to do what l can with compromises! Mind you l have my flexible friend (ring pessary)with me.😄

Hi, 9 days out of rectocele, cystocele and urethra surgery. All went good so far. Have not had any follow-up ith euro yet. Trying to get the constipation regulated. I feel like the leg issues are so much better now and it's so nice to not have that extra weight hanging from my bottom. very happy so far with the surgery. Pessary wasn't helping much.

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