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Does Ovestin cream help bladder prolapse?


My bladder prolapse can’t go any further south. I used to walk miles and cannot do so now. Have been using the cream for a month now. Can anyone tell me if it will help? I do know it can take weeks, it can it help “shove” my bladder back up?

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No it won't "shove" it back up, it's used to treat atrophy of the tissues so it will improve and possibly tighten things up a bit and possibly delay further prolapse but depends how bad the problem is.

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Thanks vm Bantam. As I suspected. Am dreading the pessary now from what I’ve just read. Isn’t it great being a woman?

Tks again

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Depending on how bad you are I would give the topical hrt a good go, it can take many many months to get full effects so don't give up to soon. If you can make things more comfortable you may be able to avoid the pessary. I've had bladder prolapse for years and used different treatments, I'm currently on a newish oral tablet called Ospemifene which helps restore the tissues, vagifem is also very good. I can't use a pessary because I have adhesions up there so it wouldn't fit !

I found the best treatment was doing Pilates with an instructor who was trained to treat ladies with prolapse, some Pilates movements are definitely not advisable so vital to have an experienced instructor.

Good luck 😉

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Thanks again. Know of Pilates instructor who may know the very person

Good to hear all this

I have an anterior and posterior prolapse stages 3 and 4, so like you was unable to walk far, or stand for long comfortably. For about 3 years I had the flexible ring pessaries, which were comfortable, but not very effective. About 6 months ago a specialist suggested I try a new type of pessary which lasts for about 10 years, it has to be removed every 6 months, cleaned and replaced. This is amazing, it is comfortable, and I feel as I did before I had the prolapse. I can walk as far as I like, and even if I am on my feet all day, it is fine, no feeling of anything dropping. So don't despair.

Tks for replying. Could you tell me the name of the pessary please. The NHS eecommended on sounds horrendous

hi young at heart

Like Jenny I would love to know what your new pessary is called and did you get it from the Nhs. I too have tried flexible ring pessaries 2 years ago. It needed changing every 3 months and I found it quite painful being put in and taken out. I spoke to someone who had it done at their own doctors but I had to see a gynae consultant every time . Can you also tell me if ospemifene is an HRT tablet please Bantam or just meant to plump tissues. I find vagifem causes a discharge which stings me .

New pessary sounds interesting. Do you have a name please and did you have to pay for it?

I'm sorry but I can't find my copy of the letter that the specialist sent to my Gp regarding the pessary, not sure if she gave it a name. I did have to pay for it, but that is probably because I was seeing the specialist privately through my health insurance with Benendon. I have yet to have it removed, this has been delayed because of Covid19, I hope that it feels the same when the nurse at the surgery reinsurts it, but for the last 6 months it's been 100% successful. I have to ring the Drs this week to make the appointment, I will ask about the pessary then, and let you know.

Hi Young at Heart, Tks for replying anyway. I too use Benenden, so I will make enquiries through them. I’ve had to wait months because of Covid.

Although I’m sure I read here that pessaries can’t be used after a hysterectomy, which includes me.

I’m coming back as a man!

Thanks for all the information ladies

Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing 😊

Hi Jennycee, have you found any improvement by doing pelvic floor exercises? Lots of Pilates pelvic floor exercises online, as well as other exercises. My theory is: a muscle should respond to exercise and grow stronger, so why not pelvic floor muscles. Here's to positive thinking.

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Good luck to you depends on how you prolapsed if it has been a slow dropping process over time the exercises will help however if you proposed all at once as I did going from 0 to stage 3 just getting dressed then no the exercises will not help to bring it up to a comfortable least it did not for me I to was not able to use a pessary I had the surgery mine was sewn up no mesh..the operation was successful however it did leave me with nerve damage so my advise is if you can't live with it have the surgery however have a very good dr. Who is educated in the damage that the surgery can cause to the pelvic nerves if I had it to do over again I would have the surgery I just would have chosen a different dr....with all that being said I am able now to walk and garden things I couldn't do before the of luck I hope this is helpful I wish I would have had this advice before mine

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Tks vm for replying. It’s very helpful

Tks vim. Had no idea there were Pilates Pelvic Floor exercises online. No one tells you anything - except of course, people like us.

Hi, think I replied to wrong person. Thanks very much, you’ve been really helpful. I had no idea I could watch online. Good job we have this web site because no one else tells you anything

Hello 2020newlife

Thank you for replying. I have been using Squeezy for a month or so now. I think I’ve been doing the exercises wrongly up till now, so it’s still a bit early. But will still persevere. Will also look for Pilates pelvis floor exercises today. Hope the wishful thinking works a little quicker!

I liked Jessica Valant's Pilates for prolapse and another person recommended FemFusionFitness. Wishful thinking is good and patience - then you'll be back to pole dancing!

Hi, I too have had a bladder prolapse for years. My NHS (fairly inflexible!) pessary does have to be changed 6 monthly by my consultant, and yes, it hurts a bit on removal. But once in place I'm unaware of it and am comfortable walking for miles! I'm also prescribed Vagifem but I believe Ovestin is a safer medication. Both help with atrophy and comfort. I do have a discharge and use panty liners.

Hi I had to use the cream but also had to do the pelvic flaw exercises it took about 3 months My dr. explained the cream gives your bits some oomph !!

Thanks Chezzer, that gives me some hope, THINK I’m beginning to feel some improvement


Just noticed your post and wanted to reply although I'm not very well at present so apologies if its a bit short...

I used to work in gynaecology as a staff nurse before my health took over so have a bit of experience in this area.

There are other pessaries, called shelf and gellhorn please don't be put off before trying if the ring pessaries are not helping as everyone is different in what suits them. I have seen many patients who have done well with these other pessaries once the correct size is found which with an experienced specialist nurse practitioner doesn't take long.

The important piece of advice is to avoid constipation I cannot stress how important this is as constipation is the biggest aggravator of prolapse and it is easier to prevent than treat. Stay mobile as you can well hydrated especially if on diuretics and take stool softeners if prescribed.

We used to have an excellent uro gynae physiotherapist who was wonderful in helping our patients some of whom did not opt for surgery due to other health issues or due to personal circumstances such as caring for a family member as you do need to recuperate after the surgery so not lifting or heavy housework etc. Good to hear there is pelvic exercise advice online especially during this time of lockdown and where hospital clinic follow ups will be delayed.

I hope I've helped a little...

Take care all x

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