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Prolapse pain

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I’m new and my first post..

I have early stages of bladder prolapse.. I get lots of pain in my genital area.. like the same feeling of having a UTI

I had to self diagnosed myself first before getting it confirmed by doctor.. it’s changed my life so much

I’m 62 years old.. I’ve become housebound.. mental help has caused me to do so.. I never knew all about this pelvic floor stuff.. and certainly not to the extent of how it’s effecting me.. I live in England county of Suffolk.. I take tramodol and paracetamol for pain.. but now it doesn’t seem to have any effect.. which causes me further stress..

I suffer to with anxiety panic attacks.. these are more frequent as of my prolapse symptoms..

I’m really scared.. especially when I looked ahead.. and worry that thing’s could get worse.. going to appointments give me serious anxiety too.. next week my doctor has put me through a 2 week referral.. hospital but this is for my womb as it’s thickening of 10mm needs to be checked out first.. I got so annoyed and up set as I wanted my prolapse to get the attention first... I requested to her for me to try a pessary.. but she seemed to not want to deal with prolapse.. until my womb check.. great I thought more time in pain and mental health..

love to share stories to help me through this dreadful experience I’m suffering..

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Hello and welcome to this forum. I think what your GP has said about having womb investigated furst is probably correct.I have a womb prolapse with a slight bladder and bowel prolapse. I had pessarues fitted but didnt work and now have to wait for surgery, but i had vagina problems which had to be sorted first. I think your womb will be priority.

I use a kegle8 for the prolapse. Google it, it may be good for you. Take care. x

You could have vaginal atrophy as well, very common at our age and it gives the same symptoms you are describing, unfortunately all these things run alongside each other, we get one thing and the others follow on !

Take heart.It feels like thrush constantly.I had the same and had an operation which helped the incontinence.Coconut oil rubbed around the area really helps too and only use unscented soap.I still take co- codamol or paracetamol/ nurophen to ease pain.Rest and relaxation are best and laying on setee.Hot water bottles and baths help.Did gentle daily walks too to help mental health+ even round the block!It will get better slowly.Love Sxx

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Hihope in reply to Meze

Hi thanks so much for your reply.. so are you saying your discomfort pain in that area coming from your prolapse.. this is what’s confusing me!

Or is it other issues ..Aswell

I want to know what’s actual prolapse pain is...

I’m getting confused all the time..

I was told last week of my prolapse

So I immediately thought all my discomfort down there is because of it!!

Why do people describe it as dragging feeling!!! Is this known as pain too

This morning I can feel shooting pain like feelings .. up there

Is this connected to prolapse too

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FROSTY25 in reply to Hihope

I totally understand where you are coming from. I too was, and still am, confused about the "pain" caused by my bladder prolapse.I have seen umpteen gynaecologists, pain clinicians, physiotherapists and am truly none the wiser. I have two friends who have had surgery, one whose bladder was actually hanging out and one who had water infections.

I have neither of those but the genital discomfort is awful but eased tremendously by using ice packs to sit on and spray on freeze products.

(They can make your eyes water but after the initial smarting, it helps alot). I am reluctant to have surgery as it is not clear if it would help. The last gynaecologist I saw tried a pessary but it made no difference. He said in his experience over the years he has never known a prolapse to be painful. I would describe the feeling I have as wearing too tight knickers! There is even a thing called knicker line discomfort.

I am writing this whilst sitting on an icepack wrapped in a scarf.

It is a huge relief but not a practical way to live.

Do not despair - and try the kegel machine to strengthen the muscles. Eat two conference pears a day to avoid constipation and use the Vagifem oestrogen already mentioned.

Mentally, I would say that learning to accept the situation and keeping busy with a hobby you enjoy, will bring you some peace. I do hope so.

Hi there pls do not despair I've had a moderate bladder prolapse for 8 yrs if yours is mild there things u can do talk to your doctor about estrogen u could try vagifem its a estrogen pessary u put up like a tablet and it dissolves its to strnghten your pelvic floor ot I use a krgal 8 pelvic floor exerciser around 150.00 look on there website it stimulates the pelvic floor to strenghren it doctors don't really promote these things but it has helped me I nearly was at the stage of having a op but this has saved me also take collegan and vit d....a prolapse can cause bladder infections so drink lots water ...loads of things u can don't despair hope this helps...x

Hello welcome to the forum.I'm 60 this year. Had late menopause at 57/58. My troubles started immediately afterwards. Difficulties having a bowel movement. Apparently everything can drop down there bladder uterus and bowel. I started to feel a horrible dragging lump feeling in my vagina bit like a tampon not inserted high enough. That feeling is a prolaspe feeling it can be your vaginal walls caving in as well. Its uncomfortable and irritating!

I have changed my diet to a healthier one also l take a sachet of cosmocol daily and twice a week vagifem tablet pessary. I wear a ring pessary which takes the majority of the discomfort away not all of it and keeping from becoming constipated is best for feeling better. I knew nothing about pelvic floor till recently. I now try to do them. I'm not buying the kegel 8 till I'm a bit better at them as it could depress me at the mo. Prolaspe is apparently a common problem l wish it was talked about more. Good luck with your referral write questions down so as you remember. Theres alot of us out here so take comfort in that. We women need to talk more about these things. I wish you all the best.

Hello and welcome…my advise is to find a pelvic pain specialist one who deals with only pelvic pain I had prolapsed bladder and uterus i was also told prolapse dose not hurt but I was in horrible pain turns out I had nerve damage in addition to the prolapse I had the repair surgery but the pain was still there I am able to live with it thru herbal readies and yoga with meditation…the surgery corrected the feeling of with every step I take that my insides are falling out but because I was misdiagnosed for the nerve disorder I lost almost 2 years of my livelihood so please do yourself a favor and see a person who deals in nothing but pelvic pain…and yes you have to get to a place mentally and accept that you new way of life is how you will live going forward but getting the nerves ect check out helped me to find ways to get as well as possiable..I am still in pain every day but can manage it better then I could before I now know I have to live with limitations..I am in the states and did not have to wait years to see a specialist I know women in the UK that went to private dr.’s to get an earlier apmnt…much luck I hope this is helpful I hate to think of any one going thru what I did

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Hihope in reply to pizon

Thanks for your reply ..Well I’m new to this

I just wondered if the prolapse is pushing on a nerve .. cause it

Feels like it’s stinging me up there

Laying down I can ease it a bit

Morning s not quite so bad

But afternoons worse

And I take meds for pain every 4 hours

Not so much in night..

Hopefully trying a pessary it will put it back to wear it should be🥺

It’s ruining my life

Can’t function..

my husband is supportive

But it’s been going on too long

Hopefully I’ll get some answers

What herbal things do you use to help?

Hi, sorry to hear about your complaints. I am Dutch, having about same complaints and they just found out, made by a 3D ultra sound of pelvic floor muscles that the left side of the pelvic floor muscle is completely torn of the bone, causing these problems for years! But some years ago I consulted a pelvic floor therapist in your area in Colchester : Tanya Jewell, she is amazing! She gave me some exercises and is very good at diagnose and very friendly! I am sorry not to be able to visit her more often but maybe you can! I am often in Suffolk, apart from corona now. Good luck and let me know!

I work with an herbalist and take valerian root and hops up to 3 times daily I also do yoga as well as meditate in my case the pho as muscle was compressing my Pundel nerve I too had pelvic floor therapy and it did help now I try to get a full body message monthly and that has helped as well I did have the repair surgery done no mesh and it did take away the feeling of something falling out of me I can now walk with out that feeling however it did increase the pain this is why I wish I would have seen a pelvic pain specialist the surgeon that did my surgery I feel missed the nerve problem I do hope this helps you

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Hihope in reply to pizon

Sounds all too scary Have heard about the pundel nerve

What op did you have ..

Was this NHS

If it wasn’t the mesh?

My worry issue is the pain

Even when I’ve given myself a wash down .there. it seems the pain gets worse after..

Along with stinging and burning

I only use pure water

I’ve had to put a cold compress on ..

Reading Google it quotes prolapse of bladder don’t normally cause pain

That cannot be surely???

If something has moved from its comfortable original place.. than it’s

Got to cause discomfort?

I need relaxation.. too

Always found when my hair is done

That brings me relaxation..

What is velerian root how does it give you relief..

I do my pelvic exercises daily

Squeeze and hold

Squeeze and hold

Well hope to gain more attention over my prolapse soon

But hospital got to do a womb check first..

Thickening 10mm

You’d think they would deal with my prolapse the same time

I really want to try a pessary..

Will let you know outcome


I had my bladder sewn up with out the mesh and the connective tissue is good…the p/n if it is compressed or entrapped can cause pain upon anything touching the vagina google it the internet’s very informative mine gives me a feeling of a ball inside me but there is nothing there no I am in the US and we don’t have to wait months for an apmnt with a dr. Or specialist if you have to pay privately then I would so you can be see the valerian root and hops are a nerve tonic it dose help to relive my pain I am not able to take the nerve meds that were prescribed I hope this helps yes please keep me posted

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