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Severe Pelvic Organ Prolapse Update

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This is an update as promised from my last post three months ago. As I mentioned then, After trying various things I’d decided to try the pessary ring. The short story is that after two that were too small, the third one is working ok. It’s taken so long because it takes a while to see my doctor and she’s also been on holiday. But she’s great so it was worth waiting. This pessary ring is probably still a little bit too small because by late afternoon the prolapse has started to peep out. After having said that, the good news is that I can’t tell it’s there, it’s not at all uncomfortable. After discussing it with the doctor we decided not to try the next size up. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am a very keen gardener and I enjoy being active. So I’m thinking that possibly in the winter when I’m not gardening or doing so much the prolapse wont appear. Anyway, it’s nothing like it was and I’m not really aware of it. So I feel that this was a success and worth persevering until I found the right size.

I hope this is of some help to you if you are still struggling to find an answer to your problems.

I know that the support I’ve received from the replies to my original post have been invaluable to me and I thank you all again from the bottom of my heart.

My thanks and good wishes go to you all.

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well that is good to hear.

with me, the doctor (well nurse practitioner) tried one size.. too large, then another

too small, now to try the size in between, I am just hoping that fits!

wishing everyone here that a good resolution is found for you.

Hi, Sally and Polnan! I know we're not talking 'pelvic pain' as such, like the name of this website suggests, but it's so nice to chat here and compare our 'prolapse journeys'. I'm so glad that, like me, you're finding that a pessary is so much better than nothing and persevering with it.

I was given a pessary that was too small on 1st May and it keeps falling out, and I like doing woodwork so one day there I was, hands covered in sawdust and wood-glue, and out the pessary starts to pop, so I thought, I couldn't very well shove it back up with dirty hands and couldn't waddle to a tap to wash, so I just pulled it the rest of the way out and left it on a plank of wood while I carried on! It obviously didn't like the job I was doing and would only fall out again! So yes, it's disappointing to think we can get back to normal and find we can't, with all this waiting around, but I'd much rather start off too small and work up to the right size, than the other way round. I went to a different hospital in June and was given one two sizes up; funny how the same thing happened to you, Polnan! So in a couple more weeks I should get the in-between size. I was told not to use the larger one for two months anyway because I was too dry and sore and it might make this worse. I've got the 'ring with support' because I said all the hollow rings were like holding the door open for everything to fall through, as my womb would slip through the hole. I don't understand how they're supposed to work! The 'ring with support' has drainage holes but I find it traps all the moisture on top of it and completely dries me out below, which is really painful after a few hours. When I go back I'm going to ask about the 'donut' ones, which might not give me this problem, but as they don't fold up, I won't know if I can get them in, so I'm still at the experimental stage until I find the right one for me.

I was also given 'Vagifem' vaginal tablets last time, for the dryness. It says you can stand and walk after putting them in; not with a prolapse, you can't. They get pushed straight out. Tried using them only at bed-time but they still get pushed out. So I have to carry a lubricant around whenever I go out, ready for when the dryness becomes too much. I wonder if anyone else has had the same prescription and problems with it. I'm told they'll prescribe me something else instead, so I'll let people know how I get on in case it's of any help to them, too.

Wishing both you lovely ladies the perfect fit in the end! So glad to hear from you again, Sally, and glad that the help you've had has made you feel better.

I too have had my pessar y fitted. It's working fine and dont feel t at all. Unfortunately i have a rectocele and this is no good for that. Still have it but the oestrogen cream has helped to thicken the walls up so I can still feel it but not so bad. I have appointment at hospital with a gynecologist in September. Will see what he suggests. So glad the pessar y is all you need. Just wish it was only the uterus that was my problem I have to keep positive.

I have a rectocele and a bladder prolapse I have a ring pessary and it works fine for both prolapses, it did take quite a few fittings to get the right size you just have to persevere with it

Thank you,

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