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Fibroids and hysterectomy

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Hi I'm 33 and just been diagnosed with fibroids. They said they are small but are causing heavy periods clotting etc. When I went to the gyno he suggested hysterectomy straight away, I'd only been at the appointment 5 mins when I looked at him shocked and said I wasn't keen he got very short with me and said fine leave it 6 months and see if they shrink on there own. Anyone have this experience? I don't really want a hysterectomy at 33! I'm scared I'll go into early menopause etc

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Hi Kfos. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 36 years with the same problem as you fibroids and massive clots. Still got my ovaries and I'm now 70 years. I went on oestrogen patches at the age of 40 years as started having hot flushes etc. Was on them for quite a few years then stopped using them. After having a prolapse op a year ago I recently became very sore and itchy. GP has put me on oestrogen pessary 2 x a week because of hormone imbalance and I am fine again now. I have 3 children so I wasnt worried about having a hysterectomy as the heavy bleeding was making me weak. Hope this helps you. Regards Sue

I have fibroids too at last count 3 because of my age 52 they do not seem concerned and just tell me that l am peri menopausal. The only thing that l have been offered is the coil which they say will help. They inform me that they will disappear when l go through the menopause, l hope so.

I was diagnosed with fibroids at a similar age to you and I’m now 48. It was diagnosed due to the heavy periods I was having. I was prescribed tranexamic acid for the heavy bleeding and it works extremely well. You take it three times a day for three days at the beginning of your period.

I don’t always need to take it now but if I’m going out I make sure I’ve taken it if I’m having a heavy period.

A supplement which I take is Serrapeptase which may help. I’m not an expert but I’ve managed over the last 15 years with my fibroids by taking tranexamic acid and natural supplements.

At 48 I’m sure I’ll be going through the menopause soon so I’m not planning on changing anything from what I’m currently doing. I should add I’ve never had children but that didn’t bother me as I was never wishing to have children.

I don’t know if you post on social media however I do think fibroids really do need to be investigated more. It feels like it’s just overlooked by the medical profession.

Hello Kfos hopefully you will see my reply above.

Hi Kfos, also just to add it would be worth getting your ferritin/iron levels and red blood cell count checked. It’s likely these may be low. You may wish to start taking an iron supplement (say 20mg once or twice a day) or get iron sulfate prescribed but the lowest dosage is 200mg.

Do bear in mind if you have an underactive thyroid and take thyroxine make sure there is a 2 hour gap between taking the thyroxine and the iron.

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Kfos in reply to Chorlton_

Thanks so much for your comments so useful to know. I think I will try tranexamic acid, I haven't tried it yet! To scared to have a period as I have to go to work everyday so I keep taking my pill which is holding them off for now but not a longterm solution. I will try this as I have some time off coming up. Yes I take iron and also take thyroxine. I didn't know I had to wait 2hours though oops!! Thanks for that ☺

Pleased that’s helpful. I can tolerate iron supplements so can take them at anytime so I take my thyroxine first thing as soon as I get up then iron later on. Definitely worth having some blood tests to check your levels so you can adjust your iron dosage accordingly.

Tranexamic acid is truly wonderful. It really makes a huge difference.

Any further questions please just ask me on this thread as I’ll get a notification :-)

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Kfos in reply to Chorlton_

Thankyou ☺

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Chorlton_ in reply to Kfos

You’re very welcome.

Also please bear in mind many people, myself included, have had heavier periods after having the Covid vaccine. After my first jab in April the period I had was the heaviest I had ever had in my whole life.

I’m mentioning this as I don’t want you to think the tranexamic acid is not working in case you’ve only recently had your Covid vaccine.

The news is reporting this now and it seems to be the one very heavy period after your first dose.

It should be your very very last option. Surprised they offered hyst so quickly. Tried natural supplements maybe some lifestyle changes and see how you get on. I have 10 fibroids, I took Angus castus and that helped for my period and installed another cool after my last one fell out. It seems to be working so far. Lack of awareness and understanding about it, so many women are affected by it. Seems like medical professionals are clueless about it

Please keep us updated with your progress

Hi, I have a couple of large fibroids and because of the heavy bleeding I was always low on iron. I'm 54 now and have only just transitioned into menaupause. I tried Angus castus and thyroxin, but it didn't make a difference. As I was early 50ies when it got really bad, I decided to let it run it's cause naturally and put up with it. At the age of 33, it's a different story. Don't rush into it, get all your options and see if you can talk to friends and family, you'd be surprised how many go through the same thing as you. Good luck!

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Kfos in reply to walkandknit

Thankyou yes I do need to talk to family and friends just don't want to worry them. I'm currently in bed now after feeling dizzy all day. Taking so much iron and not really helping at the moment!

Hi Ffos, so first thing to say is you definitely don't need a hysterectomy for fibroids, especially not at your age!! I was horrified that the doctor even suggested it. I had fibroids. Just a few to start with, but over the years more grew. I eventually started having the most terrible and debilitating hemorrhaging the first two days of my period. I didn't personally want to go on the drugs, so I was offered an 'open myomectomy'. I thought I had about 7 fibroids but when they went in, they removed 17! (which the MRI didn't show) including two large ones. Now I was 48yrs when I had that op, two years ago. I don't have children, and a hysterectomy would have probably been the most sensible option, especially as I have adenomiosis, but I wasn't ready emotionally to have my womb removed then, and I wasn't pressured into it. One thing to say is that if you have an open myomectomy you can't give birth naturally, but you are so young, you have plenty of time to make decisions about that. The op has stopped the haemorrhaging, although I do still have the clots, but not like before. The menopause will do the rest. So a success for me and my quality of life. Don't let them remove anything you are not ready for, unless it is to save your life.

I have fibroids. I have been bleeding for a year now, sometimes very heavy and losing clots of blood.I had a procedure 4 weeks ago. I was supposed to have my fibroids removed but my surgeon wanted to do a biopsy first to be certain of wether I need a myomectomy or hysterectomy. I am extremely swollen and appear to be in the final trimester of pregnancy. I am in discomfort a lot of the time now and my right hip and leg ache. I have my consultation with my consultant in 2 weeks and I just want him to say let’s do a hysterectomy. I don’t want another 12 months of this.

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