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Vaginal hysterectomy

Hi everyone, my consultant has confirmed I need to have a hysterectomy, they are leaving my ovaries. He will be performing a vaginal hysterectomy with possible lascopic help too assist the uterus as my fibroid is 6cm wide. Does anyone have any personal experience they would share with this type of procedure? Many thanks

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This won't help much but as you had no other replies thought I'd tell you about my Mum's surgery.

45 years ago she had internal procedures via vagina, no cut. Not a hysterectomy, but the recovery period was longer than for Hysterectomy . She was still confined to bed rest when the hysterectomy patients were up and walking to loo. She had numerous fibroids , severe prolapse with bladder tear.

Some, not all, fibroids were removed, bladder repaired and womb put back in place, with temporary support padding. She looked 8 months pregnant after the op. Can't remember how long she was in hospital for or how long it was before internal padding was removed.

She made a full recovery. Sorry, don't know size of any of the fibroids or how many in total. Just remember that they removed some, at least 2, but not all.


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I had a laparoscopic assisted TAVH 2 years ago. The recovery was good, but I developed complications which required further surgery. For most women, though, they are up and out of bed within a couple days and recovered 6-8 weeks later. The difficulty is remembering you’ve had major surgery. Although you will only have 3-4 small incisions to see on the outside, you will have a lot of scarring internally and stitches at the top of your vagina where they close you up. Follow the advice carefully about not lifting, etc and I’m sure you’ll be fine. The RCOG has some useful information for patients on their website.

Hope it goes well. X



Yes, I went through this. I had it done laparoscopic. I had several fibroids and my uterus was huge. Also I had fibroids wrapping around my Fallopian tubes. They did leave my ovaries. I'm going to give you some advice. I thought after the procedure I was fine. I felt great. But they had me on very high doses of dilaudid. I think I spelled that wrong. I was an IV pump of it. That I had control of. They offered me the night to stay and I didn't. I went home. I should have stayed. If they offer you a hospital stay overnight the day of your surgery. Take it. Here is my next question . Is the partial hysterectomy a necessity? Be sure to read up on all your options and things that can occur to the body once you have it done especially if you suffer from PN. Be sure to read up on all the changes that happen to your body when you get it done. I wouldn't change my decision even though I'm now in menopause. I'm glad I got the partial hysterectomy because I suffered with the fibroids. I had symptoms like very bad pressure in the vagina and bleeding In between periods and very heavy bleeding with terrible cramps. Plus my period made my PN worse always. So, I am happy I did it. I just want you to educate yourself on all alternatives and be aware of what happens to your body after you have this done. That is the best advice I can give you and I wish someone said these things to me before I got it done. My surgery lasted a little longer because my uterus was so large they had to remove it in pieces. But the surgery should only be around 2 and 45 minutes to 3 hours. That was what they told my family and the anesthesia is general. Hope that helps. Deb. God bless you and good luck that day. You'll be fine.


Also, once I agree. Absolutely no lifting. Like the other reply. After 2 weeks of recovering I felt pretty good. Deb. You still have to take it easy but if you are a fellow suffer it shouldn't be hard to do at all.


Thank you so much for your advice, I sincerely appreciate it xxx

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