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Getting a diagnosis and help??


I have been having lower back pain, hip pain, pain with sex, feeling constipated and needing mirilax to stay regular. My back and hip pain isn't usually bad first thing in the morning, but worsens throughout the day. I can see what appears to be a prolapse and I can certainly feel it. Saw at Gynocologist this week who examined me laying down, said my prolapse was stage 1 and required no treatment and basically dismissed my other symptoms. I'm miserable! By the time i get home from work I just want to lay back in a recliner which helps with the pain.

I'm trying to get in to see a Urogynocoligist. I'm 54 years old. Three full term pregnancies, two over 9 pounds and both were considered difficult deliveries to say the least.

Anyone else share these symptoms and difficulties with doctors? They treat me like I'm crazy!!!

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I have been to many doctors to try and understand what has happened to my body over the last 13 + years. I hurt rectally and vaginally. It hurts to sit and now standing and walking is getting difficult. I am elderly. The doctors don't really understand PN/PNE. I am talking Neurontin and Cymbalta for pain. It does very little to help with the burning, stabbing, sharp pain, and throbbing. I first began feeling like there was a pipe or something rigid in my rectum, and sitting became intolerable in the late afternoon. Now the sitting pain begins early in the day and is very bad the rest of the day. I still feel like something prevents me from sitting. I have severe arthritis in my hips. I have recently had a CT on the lumbar to see whether the back or hips play a part in my pain. Just keep on learning and trying for help. I am confident that something will be along to help those of us who suffer this horrendous condition. I am sorry you are suffering. Blessings.

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