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Superficial inguinal ring pain??


Has anyone been diagnosed with a problem in their superficial inguinal ring and received a long acting local anaesthetic combined with a steroid injection as treatment to temporarily help reduce the pain? Did it work?

I have two lumps below my bikini line which have been identified as pubic tubicles and the lump on the right causes me constant stabbing pain (for 16 months now!).

I have a confirmed diagnosis of a cyst on my left ovary, a small submucosal fibroid on my uterus and focal adenomyosis, but Gynaecologist didn't think this was cause of my pain. Referred to Urology, but a private urologist today (who was very good) suggested I next see an Anaesthetist for this injection.

Please share any advice/experience as grateful for any input.

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My goodness this sounds painful! Sorry to read you are in pain. I have not had the anaesthetic/steroid treatment myself and hope others can relate?

I'm interested in your lumps (pardon the pun) sis they explain the tubules to you, how do these grow and how do they know these are causing you pain or is it because you feel pain as you say in the right side?

Are you post baby or babies?

I had Adenomyosis and it did cause me pain but as I also had endometriosis its very hard to know which was the worst? Both contributed to pain and symptoms alike. With the womb it was the larger size and weight the effect on my bowel and bladder and dear knows what else and the endometriosis was growing over everything. I had terrible ovulation pain monthly and shooting radiating pain.

I hope you get some answers and some relief soon.

Women's issues are not fun, so wearing and taxing.

Good luck


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