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Hi I have endo and adhesions have had number of treatments and operations. I have been to the pain management clinic last week and was given an injection into my abdo scars of anaesthetic and anti inflamatories which has made the pain worse not better and put on amitriptyline which has knocked me sideways and made me so tired Ive stopped them already as I have a two year old to care for and cant feel that way. Im sick of feeling in constant pain and have read about people trying exercises to help including body rolling. Has anybody tried this and does it help. I would give it a go if I thought it would help this never ending pain.

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  • I went to a conference where Dr J Panksepp was speaking. He is the leading scientist on the emotional brain. His reccomendation is buprenorphine a non-addictive opioid given in patches but doctors are as yet reluctant to prescribe opioids.

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  • I have just started Pilates, not sure if it will help but am willing to try anything. I have been going to a fitsteps class (dancercise) for a year and although it doesn't stop the pain it does help me mentally. I have seen a physio and tried ultrasound therapy but that failed, so am currently on tramadol and awaiting pain management.

    However, what I am trying to say is if you think it might help give it a try - it might be good for you whereas it wasn't for others. Just take it in small steps and don't push your body.

  • I was diagnosed with endo in November last year. I am attempting a street dance class for the first time since surgery tomorrow evening. Will let you know how i get on. Feeling slightly anxious (love dance) but nervous that it'll make my problem worse.

  • thanks for your replies I have read about Pilates and how they have improved some peoples pain. Good luck Bexstar would like to know how it goes. Think Im at a point that I want to try new things but a bit scared of making it worse. Still, I wont know if I dont try. Thanks again x

  • Hi I have severe endo and had several surgeries. I used to exercise except when in very, very severe pain and I think it does help as improves your mood and therefore ability to cope with pain. I would start slow and build up. Pilates and yoga are often recommended for pelvic pain. I think walking helps as is a de stressor especially when you are walking through countryside if that's possible where you are. Unfortunately I can't do gym workouts now as have a congential spine condition and ended up having massive major spinal fusion surgeries and have osteoarthritis in throughout my spine and severe whiplash after driver hit my car from behind at speed but I still walk despite the pain. I had injections in my back a few weeks ago and like you they have made things worse so I sympathise. It is so disappointing when you pin your hopes on it helping.

  • Google Freedom from pelvic pain, David McCoid, teaches exercises to help your muscles and pelvis. Also active release therapy, serrapeptase, DMSO applied topically. Adhesions hurt when nerves are trapped but they can be released. Compounded vaginal suppositories with gabapentin helped me the most, I hated any oral meds. Gaba by NOW brands, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps nerves

  • DMSO can only be applied externally right? If so where do you apply it? Lower back?

  • Yes externally only. Lower back, abdominal area and hips

  • I have read about DMSO helping. I will certainly give it a go. Thanks for the information.

  • How much amitriptyline? I found when I started taking 25mg the next day I was pretty tired as well. I kept with it though, after a few weeks the tiredness wore off. I am using it for chronic pelvic pain/prostatitis.

  • Hi there. So terribly sorry to hear of your pain while having to look after a little one. Go to Google and look up Amy Stein in New YORK who deals with all pelvic disfunctional pain. She treats people through physio therapy and deep breathing methods and massage. You can get her book from Amazon either on Kindle or paperback. She is the only person I have heard of who completely understands pelvic pain og all types.

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