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I have been suffering from pelvic pain for over 10 years now and after a hysterectomy and several specialist I have no idea what's causing it. In the last year I've got ganglion impar, hypogastric and epidural. It does help but after a sudden pain yesterday that was so bad I couldn't sit I was scheduled for a new type of injection, Pudendal block. I just got home and I feel absolutely no pain. I can barely walk because my legs are weak and numb from the anesthesia which should subside in 24 hours. If this works I might finally have my answer. I might Pudendal nerve entrapment. Has anyone has this type of injection? If so how long can I expect relief for? I hope the pain relief last and that after 10 years and multiple surgeries I have my answer. Thanks and sorry about the long story. Any answers would be helpful to help me decide my next step.

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  • is a good website to visit. Unfortunately my nerve block made pain worse. But recently saw Dr Greenslade in Bristol privately (pain consultant) and he was excellent. He specialises in pudendal nerve problems. Hope this helps. I found this site really helpful. Xx

  • Hi, please be careful about this so called entrapment. A lot of forum users will tell you to get the surgery, just careful about that one, very very very very few actually get better from that invasive procedure which may leave you in worse pain than before. You are more likely to just have neuralgia and not entrapment.

    I recommend you try nortriptyline and pelvic PT.

    Also, chronic pain does not work like that. Once certain changes have taken place in the nervous system, even if you interfere through surgery the pain may just move to a new place altogether... of course this is not always the case, but surgeries are not the answer. I hope you did not get the hysterectomy because an obgyn told you it might resolve the pain.

  • Hi have you considered physio I've been seeing a pelvic specialist for the past 3 months and have seen improvements she has shown breathing techniques , massage and stretching exercises which I do every day it gives me focus as this pain can be so consuming and stressful which makes the pain worse ! I know this is no quick fix . Good luck to you x

  • I have, it does help but the pain is still severe at times.

  • Are you in the US ?

  • Yes I am. I live in Las Vegas, NV

  • Update: I'm going in for another pudendal nerve block. I'm in severe pain so I hope to get relief. I've got a w and the longest relief has been 2 weeks. Im getting to frustrated since I did get the hysterectomy because I was told it could help and it didn't. I have found a doctor in Phoenix, AZ but I don't know anyone there and it would be expensive to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks to have surgery. I find wasn't to start talking stronger medicine but it looks like I might have to : (

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