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Stuck fluid feeling in urethra

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Hi! Since withdrawing from antidepressants I've been very anxious and focusing alot on my pelvic floor (I have a fear of PGAD and I know coming off ADs can cause It so I couldn't help but focus if I had it or not all the time!). About a week coming off them, I started getting a feeling that urine was trapped in my urethra. After 2 weeks I went to see a nurse and turns out I had a UTI which was treated in a week. I still had the trapped feeling but they said I don't have an infection anymore (I've done alot of tests since). Anyway its been almost 3 months and I still have the feeling. I get it after I pee and when I do certain leg movement/stretches afterwards until it finally goes away within maybe 20 mins. Sometimes it's at the end of my urethra where the sphinter is and other times it's under and above my clit. Nothing seems to trigger it besides stress. When I'm not stressed I might not feel it until I pee in the evening but when I am stressed I can feel it all day until I calm down. Also my urine flow is always slow, especially when I've been holding on for too long.

3 weeks of having the urethra discomfort I started getting a feeling of fullness just above my pubic bone too. I also feel fullness when I press on my vagina. I'm so anxious, I'm terrified that Its pudendal neuralgia although I don't get pain (besides what comes with the anxious tension aches). Could it just be tension? I'm just hoping it's something fixable.

I need answers I'm so terrified. :( I'm 22 if that helps, 23 in August.

Thanks to anyone who comments!

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Dude! This is so me, I’m 22 and about to be 23 in October this year. I also withdrawed on Zoloft for a year now, and am very nervous that even sometimes my friend find it weird that I keep running to the toilet when there’s really not MUCH to pee!

I’ve had an endoscopy, and many painful procedure tests (sadly -_-) that brought up negative results. Some doctors said I had Prostatis that is caused without Bacteria, and cause inflammation. But really, what the actual HECK? I don’t feel any burn from my prostate, its genuinely in the urethra that feels like something’s just... wet or stuck in there. But I suspect it could be a bacteria? I’ve had around 4 Urinalysis which once got a positive sign (Bacteria) and the other 3 turned negative.

The doc that did Endoscopy thought to see prostatis that he claimed to have cleaned while inserting the catheter.

I am on Cranberry concentrated pills of around 1000mg (with Probiotic) it seems to easen up the feeling of rushing to the toilet. But its not completely eliminating the problem.

I’m also so scared of reaching a panic attack in the urination process which lasts me to endup with urinary rentention, that HELL!

My treatment to that is: that I have to look for Hot Water, and pour it gently on my genital area. That brings up the senses to urinate or pee. Its really direful, and don’t understand whether its anxiety-related or just some problem. (Don’t think its serious though)

Oh and sorry, this is to be taken from a Male’s perspective when it comes to Prostatis. But really in general, its a common thing that probably has to do with eating Spicy and Gluten Food that can irritate the Urethra.

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I still have no idea what it could be but I know 2 other women who have had it for over a year now. I'm assuming it's a urethra spasm? It's annoying but I've gotten used to it, it's just irritating and I still wonder why my urine flow is super slow/weak. The only time it makes the fast sss sound is if I stretch my urethra as I pee (by pulling my skin by my legs with the toilet seat haha). I actually did end up with PGAD too but I don't know if it's related or not, it would probably give me an idea of what's happening if I knew. :/

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Well my Urologist doctor told me that its not “Normal” to have a Slow/Weak urine stream. And I think he prescribed some medicines, that helped a bit. But I really suggest, to take Hot Showers, take a one-month Cranberry treatment either concentrated Pills or Juice and try to calm down (when it comes to relation with Anxiety and Urinating).

And plus, make sure its really NOT a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) because I was told Females have extra chances of catching it since their Urethra is shorter than men’s.

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