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Urethra problem

Hi I have been having problems over the last year when passing urine. Sorry for the details in advance! Basically my wee has slowly started to flow more forward rather than down the toilet. I have to bend over when I go to make sure I don’t have an accident and it end up on the floor! I went for an internal examination today at the hospital after my gp didn’t know what was wrong. Today’s doctor found a small lump about an inch long on my urethra. She has referred me for a scan and possibly an mri. I’m Just wondering if anybody else has had anything like this and if so what was the outcome? I’ve done the terrible thing of searching online and now I’m worrying the worst :(

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Hi.. this doesn’t say if you’re male or female. Sounds like a stricture.


Sorry I am female .. what is a stricture?


It’s rare in females but it’s a blockage of the urethra


It could also be a fistula


Hi! If you have a lump feeling on your vaginal wall it could be a urethral cyst, they are removable so it’s ok, but while there they can cause urine infections, painful/difficult urination and painful sex. An MRI should show it

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