Intense burning in perineum and sharp sensation in urethra

Hello everyone.

Does anyone else suffer from intense burning and pain in the perineum that builds in intensity when urinating? I also have sharp nerve pain in the perineum and urethra.

Exercise and sex tend to exacerbate the symptoms. The whole area - back to my behind - is on fire and spasming.

I have started using a wand after two physio sessions. My pelvis reacted angrily to these 'interventions'. The symptoms flared-up also after a nerve block injection.

I take pregabalin and codeine, but neither offer much relief.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might make life a little more bearable?

I would appreciate any advice, as I am out of ideas.

Thank you.


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  • I have the same problem, and what helps the most and fastest is Xanax 0.5, it seems to relax the muscles and calm the nerves temporary, however this is not a cure, it just helps when the pain immediately. Besides this, stop sex for few weeks and regularly keep stretching your pelvis and legs. Walking 30 minutes a day just before urinating is almost as good and pain free as Xanax. Good luck.

  • Hi ...I suffer the same ...carry on with the physio and wand they do help but it's not a quick fix

  • Thank you. I will speak to my doctor about Xanax and will persevere with the wand and physio. Do either of you use opioids or norotryptiline? I really appreciate your advice. And it is a comfort to know that others are in the same boat.

  • I have had it 14 year's and had you name it I have done it . So last week after a flare up that lasts weeks I had a second visit to the doctor's a was lucky enough to see a difference doctor .

    I was already on dulxertine 60 mg and clonsapan 3 x 0.5 mg a day and it just wasn't working . Doctor altered. Prescription too ... Dulxertine 80 mg in two spits 40 mg morning 40 mg of night . The clonsapan stayed the same 3 x 0.5 mg . Then added 50 mg morning and night of pregablin . And bingo first time I have been in almost no pain in 14 years i am a 72 year old man .

    Hopefully it my help you are others

    Good luck with it as it's hell to live with . Regards pamdella

  • Thanks, Pamdella. I will ask my GP about a combination of drugs to help. My pain specialist recommended Duloxetine. I didn't know one could use it with Pregabalin. I think some sort of anti-anxiety/anti-panic drug might also be good for relaxing the muscles and calming the nerves.

  • 150 mg of Lyrica a day helped me and .5 mg nightly of Clonazepam. Rocky68

  • Look up Pudendal Nerve Pain, perineal branches

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