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Seven years of trying everything I can for rectal spasms. Has anyone had any successful treatments or medications?

Hi there,

I am ripping my hair out with seven years of no quality of life. I started with terrible rental spasms and pelvic pain and now I have been suffering from leg discomfort and weakness worse at night. MRI shows up no spinal compression. I have been all over the world to specialists, have tried a dozen nerve blocks and meds. I haven't tried botox which I think I might push for next.

I also use a lot of hot water bottles that I fi d help relieve my pain a lot but I have read heat is bad for nerve issues. The problem is the heat helps settle down the rectal spasms along with the endone.

Any ideas gratefully received.

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Botox certainly eased my rectal spasms, but due to underlying weakness of pelvic muscles no intervention has been long lasting. I'm off for physio now to retrain them as fibroids have developed over time. I would recommend botox though or some diazepam or amitryptaline to relax spasms



Try Clonazopam, this will rectify your anxiety that is tightening the muscles and relax your muscles at the same time. one or two a day, they last about six hours. Take to sleep at night. Mornings are probably better for you so take the other late afternoon when the pain intensifies.

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Botox has helped me. Doesn't last more than a few months though. Diazepam also. I also got a pelvic wand which I have used vaginally which helps to relax the muscles and seems to help my rectal spasms.

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I am scheduled for Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulator implant. During trial there was decrease in rectal spasms which occurred while lying down. You may want to ask pain management Dr about this. I understand there's not many Drs in States certified for procedure. Just a suggestion. Rocky68


BOTOX seems plausible, I believe you discussed Gabapentin as a neuralgic pain reliever and possibly amnitriptaline (with myself in the past? Looking at your profile pic sorry if I have you confused as someone else) as an alternative.

Lots of people believe they work.

Women are treated disgustingly unless we pay lots of cash when its issues to do with our reproductive or nearby issues.

I'm sorry I'm probably throwing old solutions to you that you tried already.

I'm really disheartened reading how so many women's lives ate ruined by pain including my own.

I posted at like 4am so need help myself.

Carry on regardless is all we can do!


I've just realised the profile pics are general sorry it was another lady that I discussed those neuralgia pain options with so good luck!


Hi yes botox does help but sadly not for long. Valium for sure the best drug I have found. I also have done a pudendal nerve ablation which seems to help with the rectal spasms and pelvic pain. xo


I have never been told that heat is bad...I use an old med called hyoscamine for spasms. It works! Hope you get relief.


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