Pelvic floor spasms and pudendal neuralgia.

Hi everyone,

I have been diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Hypteronic (tight pelvic floor with spasms) and pudendal neuralgia.

My doctor has suggested pelvic floor physiotherapy and if that is unsuccessful a botox injection into my pelvis and a nerve block in the PN nerve.

Have only been going to the physio once and she suggested I do these stretching exercises found on the pelvic pain

So far with doing the stretches no pain in vagina but irritated bum pain.

Been looking into nerve blocks and botox injections, my doctor seems to think they will help but all of the information from posts I have read say they can make it worse.

Need a little bit of reassurance. Is there anyone out there with the same pelvis floor spams issues that have benefited from these forms of treatment.

Thankyou. xx

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  • Hi, I have a similar issue of hypertonus and nerve pain but without spasms. I see Maria Elliott, women's health physio in London. This expensive but worth it. We found that at first the stretching exercises we're too much and aggravated things. The thing that helped the most was the internal trigger point release,and now some months along the line I am able to tolerate the stretching. Not all physios are trained in internal trigger point but I'd recommend finding one who is.

  • Hi T8t8,

    Thanks for the reply! Yeah I feel as though the stretches can be a bit full on, not getting normal pain in the vagina but a different sensation in the bum.

    I will have to see if my physio does trigger point release.

    Hopefully they do, thanks xx

  • hi

    please could you remember not to mention doctors or any other health professionals names on the forum, people can always pm you to get these details if they need them

    thanks for reading this


  • I have the exact same thing. Last time I had this the Botox and PT worked. Now it's back and going to try those things again. I only do external PT. Internal PT made it worse.

  • I had all you mentioned. None helped but we are all different

  • I had both blocks and Botox and neither helped. I asked my doctor to prescribe a compounded vaginal suppository. One had lidocaine and bachlofen and I've also had some that was just bachlofen .... which is a muscle relaxant. I just have to ask you.... do you have a mesh for prolapse bladder or uterine? If yes? Please get back to me. That being said, I also experience vaginal pain from time to time. It is excruciating

  • Thanks for the reply! A lot of people have said these methods didn't help, did they make things worse for you? If my physio is unsuccessful my doctor has suggested these. I'm sceptical to try them if they may make the pain worse as I have heard from two people who have had the Botox have said so. I have had neither of these, I've never had a surgery of any type:)

  • Try transabdominal/ kegal exercise. Look for a chiropractor/Art doctor. See if that helps before you get botox

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