Burning inner thighs

Guys i just started getting this intense burning feeling in my inner thighs, i think it may have something to do with a tailbone pain ive been complaining about, a few days ago i had spasm pain in my pelvic area which then led to the tailbone pain spasms in glute region and numbess in my hand and now this. Im assuming some sort of nerve is trapped somewhere for all these symptons to be coming at once 😔 , ppl around me think in going crazy with all these symptoms day by day . Ive seen 4 doctors in the last 5 days because of the symptoms which keep changing ever other day and i feel like im going crazy😞

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  • What Doctors have you been to, GP's or Neurologists. Have you had a fall prior to these symptoms. What tests have you had done, eg. pelvic x-rays. If we knew these details we may be able to suggest more options to help you. I am sure your not crazy nerve pain can be very complex.

  • Thats the thing its all come on so suddenly, i fell down a few months ago. The vulva pain started first and then 2 days a lower back pain and now an intense burning inbetween the legs, im in the process of having my bloods checked before the doctors refer me anywhere else😔

  • I had same issues and an MRI showed a dangling inverted coccyx. Very few Drs recommended doing removal but I was certain removal wld cure my problem. I had it removed over three years ago and pain got worse. Now going to pain management Dr who says I have Pudental Neuralgia. Have had two PN nerve blocks and still no relief. I take Tranadol 50 twice a day and 200 mg of Gabapentin at 6:00 pm which has helped with burning I cannot tolerate a higher dose without feeling wiped out. I take .5 Clonazepam to help with anxiety and as a sleep aid.

    Have lot of discomfort when laying down. Tried valium recital suppositories but cld not tolerate them either. Have x-Tay and MRI. I wish I had not had coccyx removed. See if DR can recommend topical creme to help with spasms.

    Drs cannot tell if nerve is entrapped without operating. In most cases nerve is not entrapped. Rocky68

  • Did you try physical therapy?

    Youve been through so much , which doctor diagnosed you with pn? Im not on any medication because no1 believes me yet😔 For me its come on all suddenly, like the pain in my lady bits and on top of that the tailbone pain and burning 😖Alll togetheR, doctors are thinking im crazy literally 😔

  • I hope you received a reply which was rather lengthy a few minutes ago. If not let me know and I will try again. It detailed my six years of dealing with Drs. Rocky68

  • Have you had an MRI pelvis to check for any damage to the coccyx ( tail bone ) tendons ligaments etc. As your symptoms are intermittent there may be things you do that cause the symptoms. i.e. sitting, walking, bending. Make a record of what brings on symptoms and type of symptoms i.e. burning, numbness, back-pain discuss with your doctor next time you see him. It's a start to identifying the problem. When nerves are damaged by a fall they may be being trapped and become inflamed. That is why pain management specialists can help by giving steroid and local anaesthetic injections along side the nerve to reduce inflammation and pain. That is usually the next option after making sure there are no broken bones etc. Nerves, tendons, ligaments etc. take time to heal so may require regular sessions for a while. However see what your doctor recommends.

  • Hey thanks for your response,i told the doctors already n theyre not taking it seriously, my bloods have been sent today. So im also getting a horrid aching and spasm pain in my butt😒 I cant evan sleep on my back, im scared i'l damage it more!

  • If I were you I would tell the Doctor you need an x-ray pelvis. If that is ok request a referral to the pain management clinic. They will examine you and decide what pain management you need. This is why it is important to keep a record of your symptoms. Doctors these days think all cure is a prescription as that is the cheapest option, so I am afraid you will have to ask next time you go to the Doctor or see another Doctor.

  • Youre right, im going to call them tomo morning again

  • Even brief specific notes will help, does not need to be comprehensive charting.

  • Hi Rocky, so sorry to hear of your ordeal. Have you heard of an ENG / EMG it is a neuro-physiological test. You would have to get referred for this by a neurologist. You can google ENG / EMG nerve conduction test. This test may be able to identify what nerve is effected. Also google ' anatomy of the pelvic nerves.' I think maybe this will help as it may not be the pudendal nerve, maybe the nerve to the coccyx. i.e. coccygeal nerve. Ask your pain management specialist about referral back to a neurologist to discuss this test and if he thinks this test might help you better manage your pain. It is better than taking loads of meds. Best Wishes. Let us know how you get on.

  • Sorry you have suffered so much, but thanks for sharing insights.

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